The best way to increase the chain is introduced

recently thought about the way to do site SEO in the past, the author found that the site is nothing more than external connections based, so, I began to connect from the external start.

has found an amazing rule from past submissions to artificial forums, or links to wheels and other external connections. How do external links is the most successful? How to do is the most convenient, the most efficient way? Finally made a surprising discovery, forum outreach, dozens of wonderful day, finally had to be removed a lot left to Baidu, may ten without a. It’s really a waste of labor, of course, the most powerful way is to contribute. Yes, the surprising finding is contribution.

contribution, many webmaster have had this experience. For some time, to write an article, can create a lot of external links to their own, for example, we contribute to the above A5, posting on chinaZ, as long as we through the examination, will get a lot of website reprint, similarly, can get a lot of external connections.

submission is one thing, and sometimes this kind of class allows us to make an original number in front of it and then send it to some more authoritative forums. Usually hit the original post, definitely someone reprinted, I tried, there are people reprinted, and there are many people replies. The so-called article, you can take a person’s task all day.

order for external connections:

1, take a moment to seriously write a targeted, extensive, readable content, in the middle of the content of keywords, stack and coordination, and then do the labels, as well as some of the pictures.

2, write good articles to A5 and Chinaz, a web site, and if you collect other portals, you can also. The opposite can be contributed.

3, the written articles first published to your website or blog inside, and if you have a lot of blog, which will send a lot of blog, preferably a little more.

4, immediately released to some forum area, it is better to receive the forum seconds, so you can take the first step included.

5, these content is released to some can be connected to the classified directory, so that you can give yourself web site to further consolidate the weight transfer.

do five steps, you can see, the site has a lot of repercussions connection, but this time, the effect has not been reflected. If this time your content is approved, submission of the content, through the audit will immediately is the second, and then be included in Baidu, high weight connection through the content of export, this connection is the key, is conducive to the website ranking. Be audited through, at this time there will be many sites to collect, collection of natural, even the connection address and website name collection together in the past, a.

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