The nternet car reservation Dalian opened this business

continuous improvement of living standards, the continuous development of science and technology, the advent of the Internet in life, brought convenience to our lives, but also changed some of the basic patterns of our lives. Today, in the joint efforts of the Dalian city traffic police detachment and security mechanism, Dalian city has been located in the Ganjingzi District of saddle village xiajiahezi army farm hospital of the land security inspection station (86407773) opened online booking inspection business, implementation of the car can enjoy VIP service appointment and the same cost, make the car more convenient.

it is understood that the individual owners must first mobile phone to download and sign the mobile phone or Internet traffic 12123 APP login Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Safety Administration website ( enter the name, ID number, mobile phone number and other information according to the prompt steps to register; can also carry my ID card to the vehicle, the vehicle the tube business hall "integrated service platform" Internet traffic safety window, fill out the "individual Internet user registration / Change Request Form" registration.

users must carry three certificates a copy of the original business license, a copy of the agent Id original, photocopy and stamped with the official seal of the original letter of authorization to business registration window.

by the way the owners can successfully registered on a daily 8 pm to 23 PM through the Internet booking inspection, at the same time, the owners still need to at least 3 working days in advance to make an appointment. If due to special reasons can not be scheduled on-line, the owners need to cancel at least 24 hours ahead of schedule.

Internet car reservation, Dalian opened this business, more consistent with the trend of the times, won the acclaim of the masses in the market. All 2 times without cancellation and did not show the detection system, the subsequent two months will no longer accept booking; in case of bad weather and other causes of system can not provide inspection services, the owners are free to cancel the appointment; security agencies will also call the owner of the reserved telephone to notify the change or cancel the appointment time again at present,; small cars, large cars and trailers by the successful application, can make an appointment on-line detection.

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