Small websites do news and information details can not be ignored should pay attention to five poin

some webmaster friends often talk to me about how to do Internet news. To tell the truth, the network news if the demand is not high, it is very good to do, simply copy and paste, some powerful owners will take into account the search engine included, will do some simple adjustments, such as change the title, make a summary of this kind of simple processing. Besides, I’d like to talk about a few points:

1. Standardization of news. In a website, publish news format to have a standard, such as: news source, unified paragraph spaces, the author try to add news headlines, must really words control in a certain range. These small details can make a news page look plentiful, and virtually increase the credibility of the site.

two, news to be classified. Chinese Internet users like to search, but they are all in Baidu. Once you visit your website, they search habits suddenly disappear, then, requires us to be arranged on the station to the news, netizens to guide, otherwise, they soon leave your site.

three, news integration. If a website does the news, lacks the basic conformity ability, such website is lacks the soul, this kind of website also does not have the guidance and the value. News integration from the simplest way, for example, an article "Introduction", the core part of the "bold.". The second way is the integration of many news events, such as Li Gang recently reported, this news, you can add the cause of Li Gang events reported, so users in this page, watching the news, can also see related articles, make the news full; third kind of way, to some extent, is extended in second ways, that is "special", the ability to do the most special, actually ability to reflect a site manager.

four, news original. I’ve seen a lot of news and information sites, a year down, did not have a original news. Is a shame. As we all know, news in our country is regulated and must not be touched in some areas. But we can also do some original news about finance, entertainment and so on. The news of these areas has been released, and it is a focus of our news.

five, news diversity. Now the network news including text, pictures, audio, video, map, if an article from the newspaper reprint articles, sometimes is very simple, for example, the collapse occurred in the Beijing West Fourth Ring of a real estate, if in the first time, reports must be very small, say is one or two words, so then, you can add pictures: real appearance map; you can add a Google map, convenient for users to understand the detailed position.

today, a few simple points, there are inadequacies, please enlighten everyone. The original Nanchang website, if reproduced, please indicate the source.

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