QQ drainage to webmaster thinking

yesterday I tried drainage under the QQ, feel the effect is really good, simple five minutes drainage 200 IP, although it is not a surprise, or a lot of people have tried, but for the anaerobic 100 passengers, do not try too hard, now how I drainage yesterday.

last night night 9 pm, I use statistical tools to look at another site of Wuhan college students part-time network I, I see only 2 downhearted, IP, but had a careful analysis, yesterday is Saturday, according to the traffic trend of the site, generally will be smooth, until the evening will is the site peak, however for part-time website, on Saturday, Sunday is basically a part-time part-time job has been set, so the web query is not much, and the general company issued a part-time news is in normal working day from Monday to Friday, this case is the company holiday weekend, so I also worry too much excess.


to talk about how to use specific QQ accurate drainage! I joined the 18 part-time group, each group of part-time is in the number of 800 people, that is to say I have 15000 trends of resources, we all know that part-time group is generally businesses or individuals inside or seek part-time release so, the gold content of group members is very high, it is the effect of expansion of marketing. In addition, I opened the Tencent’s micro-blog, but also micro-blog code placed in Wuhan University part-time network above, mainly using micro-blog combined with the site for resource integration and interactive marketing. Anaerobic 100 passengers plus 22 Wuhan part-time micro group, the highest micro group number reached more than 20000 people, at least there are hundreds of people, so I have virtually also increased the website diversion channel, said according to the average statistics, 22 micro group coverage is up to the basic million, plus on the QQ group, about 50000 people, so I wonder how these 50000 human resource integration, to achieve the accurate flow site, is the future of Wuhan college students part-time network I have to do.

What is

I think the part-time students are most worried about my website how to start early in the promotion of this kind of topic, students in part-time jobs are most worried about is the safety and reward is equal or whether the timely settlement of salary, so I positioning Wuhan college students part-time network is to help students grow and help each other the principle of guiding students in part-time and subsequent treatment to avoid the occurrence of unexpected events, standing in the part-time college students groups to think about the problem, I think the effect of certain or very obvious, yesterday I find an article on the students in the two article of part-time job, one is "phishing" tactics fake part-time at the students ", one is" the ten most dangerous campus female college students part-time ", these two topics are in part-time jobs and college students is closely related to the. In doing QQ group marketing at the same time, click rate is very high



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