The key to creating a user’s favorite product is to encourage users to participate

editor’s note: Nir Eyal is the founder of two start-up companies and serves as a consultant to several enterprises and incubators in the San Francisco region. He is also a lecturer at the Stanford University Stanford Graduate School of (Business), and is well studied in the cross field of psychology, technology, and commerce.


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products should be as simple and easy to use as possible, and this is a consistent principle of technology circles. The rise of design thinking (as illustrated by the case of iPhone winning design) is beginning to make people feel that developing a beautiful interface is a sign of good design. However, as with all attempts to establish absolute rules for interaction with human technology, the design should reduce the workload of the user, and such principles are not absolutely correct. In fact, to create a product that is very popular with the user, allowing users to participate in it is a key factor.

many studies have shown that working for a task seems to stimulate our commitment. For example, when buying lotto, the player will have two choices, one is to choose a set of numbers by himself, and the other is to select a group of numbers at random. To be sure, the two options have nothing to do with improving the winning rate. Traditional thinking predicts that users are more inclined to take a more relaxed approach, that is, without having to spend much effort in that way.

however, this is not the case. Although choose lottery numbers need to spend more energy (this process is like S.A.T. as multiple-choice questions, fill in) but we found that the number of users choose a higher degree of investment. Here, users are not just influenced by their perception of luck. According to the classic case study of Ellen Langler, even when players are explicitly told their chances of winning, they tend to be more time-consuming and self selective.

can be used in the above case (escalations of commitment) to upgrade the word to explain, it is even the heart already knows the wrong decision, or will raise energy input, buried more cost. It makes the human brain prone to interesting things. For example, many people will be addicted to video games too deep and lead to death; many people love to do charity is for this principle to the enemy force; prisoners of war made use of this theory. The sense of involvement has a profound impact on how we do things, what we do, what we buy, and how we think about ourselves.

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I have done some research into the habit of forming a habit-forming product, in which the last step in desire driven is user input. When a user is inspired to take action and receive timely feedback, he will voluntarily enter the user input stage, that is, to join the product. Here, users >

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