Students please network business to the end

            the National People’s Congress, the Zhejiang party secretary of the Shaoxing University Wang Jianhua on the weekend college network business topics in March 9th accepted Sina interview, he bluntly University in China after years of expansion, no longer is the elite education, employment is a big problem, students need to change jobs don’t bother to view the network business. "College students indulge in the Internet a lot, and if you can combine the network and work, it is of great significance."." Wang Jianhua said that although the success rate of college students still relatively low, but in terms of life experience, experiencing some setbacks may not be a bad thing.

don’t try, never know not success? Just out of the school gates for college students, their childish face has been transformed, lack of experience and social experience, and in the capital also has a significant gap, so, how are they going to do poineering work independently, especially the network business must first network? Start to grasp the era of globalization and the vigorous development of the overall situation, regional integration, enhance the technological capability, emerging markets, are objective factors of today’s network world forward, entrepreneurship is to closely follow the mainstream world ahead, especially in today’s science contains too many cutting-edge technology, and the replacement constantly refurbished, such as 3G, Web2.0, GPS etc., are at times a turn the world upside down change, which must also be tremendous opportunities .

yes, whatever things are not blind to do, but also slowly waiting for the arrival of the time, inexperienced we need targeted, make sure the battle, but also need to take the opportunity to win, rather than by waiting for the opportunity to actively seek to tend the probability of success will come the opportunity than to, which requires us to have a good grasp of the opportunities of College students. Now, the threshold of network entrepreneurship is relatively low, tax will also be canceled, and this will undoubtedly increase the success index of entrepreneurship."

the real strong people are those who can lay down their positions and serve others. The result of Internet start-ups is to serve the public through the Internet, although not as prominent as the high-ranking officials, but after all, they are their own labor achievements and wealth. Many people say that college students’ ambitious, but no one to tell them what is the difference between reality and dream distance, traditional knowledge is admitted to a good university, University has "a secure job" is not a civil servant, is the backbone of enterprise, but now the university has been mass education, elite education is no longer a year now, we must change their own conservative ideas, open up a new road for entrepreneurship. Although the business is commercial network form, but this is not to encourage everyone to neglect their studies to the business, but to encourage early contact with society, self experience, students can use their own advantages, will give full play to the school knowledge, practice. To enhance their own quality and integrity are helpful. Also, if you can on the network >

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