Talent network dreams vertical segmentation there are opportunities

now can also activate grassroots entrepreneurship, I’m afraid that talent website, why? Because the talent website can be big or small, but also for different areas, has a very broad space for vertical segments, so the ability to make grassroots based on their own to develop, so in essence or can effectively enhance the effect of money, the country in the implementation of Chinese dream of the moment, grassroots webmaster friends for it, can create the talent network channels to achieve the dream to make money.

but imagine always looks more beautiful than reality to the soap bubble, once the owners into the talent network operations will inevitably encounter all kinds of pressure, don’t see there are a lot of segmentation space, even the recruitment website based on at present basically has played head broken and bleeding was not a, want to make money simple things in the background, so many grassroots webmaster have to face a loss situation, even if it is not a loss, then the effort and harvest also presents serious asymmetry. Therefore, from the current situation of the operation of the talent website, the number of people entering the industry is clearly less than the number of people out of this industry. China is so great a comprehensive network platform, but also can not stand the brutal competition and choose to escape, not to mention its relatively weak ability grassroots website,


high employment rate, high market demand,

talent website looks now is not good to do, why so strongly recommend talent website operation? Because from the current Chinese economy is facing a transition now, urgent need for talents indicates that the market will usher in the spring flourish, from the current our country employment rate continued to rise today, illustrates the talent the market plays a very important role, in which not only that, it is because of the Internet to develop talent website, to promote the rapid flow of talents and human resources optimization, from the point of view, the demand is very large natural talent website.

in the face of such a huge market background, key talent website wants to make a breakthrough lies in innovation, since both traditional comprehensive talent based web site, or a variety of personnel website of first and second level, the three line of the city’s construction, are already facing a saturated formation and competition under the background of the Red Sea, in fact we only need innovation your mind, also able to blaze a trail of talent recruitment website. That is, from the innovation industry vertical talent website to achieve.

to the industry as a sub – point, to create a transformation of the economy under the talent website

from the industry point of view of the operation of talent, the site has a very prominent advantage, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first is better for the industry of professional personnel transfer to provide professional talent exchange platform, such as the automotive industry of tourism and hotel industry professionals are now in a very scarce stage, although the comprehensive talent website also involves the recruitment services, but the web service is more from a comprehensive perspective >.

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