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some time ago wrote an article about online promotion (the highest sunrise 5000 yuan goods experience) article, today continue to write some sales skills, some daily sales happens too much, one could not finish, have time to continue to write several articles, finally finish it. This is also a problem, the last written by many friends reproduced, but some friends reproduced after revise my content, I mention it, please respect the people and share the experience of respect for the reader, although I wrote these are not what is being revised golden laws and precious rules, but it is almost unrecognizable.

nonsense not say, following the start of something I experience, find it useful to read, and then digest, the way to play a few words on the top of the post to more friends to see, if that did not use the detour, thank you! Because I do clothing sales, we can only say that the clothes sales skills. Other aspects do not say, but sales is the same, we can sum up their scrutiny.

in any commodity sales, sales personnel should cultivate a spirit, that is to cultivate to sell their own goods have a lot of confidence, when we sell these sellers do not have full confidence to their superior wholesalers or manufacturers, here I want to say, if you do not have confidence in their own wholesalers or the manufacturers, please don’t do these goods, because it will affect your confidence in the sales process and make a lot of shortcomings could be the loss of the opportunity to deal. Because of lack of confidence, your mood in answer questions will appear guilty phenomenon, can give customers eat reassurance, so each other to form a sense of trust caused by the loss of opportunity. So we choose to supply time to compare and contrast, the family website related services as well as to read and understand, a description of the goods, but also to learn the relevant professional knowledge.

The website that

is interested in oneself best can buy one to wear to wear, the only way that can establish us to this wholesaler or manufacturer’s confidence and confidence, thereby can build the confidence that sells essential. Some of my friends have a doubt, that I am interested in site 10 to one, then I shall buy 10 pieces? Oh, not necessary, if the site most have a detailed description of the real figure and also as far as possible, because faith is in the know enough extent can set up on detailed description of the goods, so it is also very important. Otherwise, how hard we can only do once, customers, customers will not turn back (even if there are very few). I was three days online 15 hours a day, all in sourcing, a comparative analysis, and finally selected "love show clothing wholesale, just because of their physical map and the grade of membership policy has given me power. As a result, it is particularly important to choose the right source of confidence to sell, and the sales process will be difficult if the condition is not available.

OK, let’s talk about it when the premise is finished

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