Team disintegration the future of micro business should go from here

"since the second half, the business is obviously not good to do, mainly the following agent goods can not sell, can not earn money, and can not recruit new agents, so the loss is very fierce.". I’m thinking about a new way out now."

A Ying (a pseudonym) when I accept second interviews, look pale, more than before in high spirit is already better than the first half. Whether you’re talking or looking, it’s hard to tell that she is actually 22. In the past, she was known as the "derivative goddess", often in the micro business conference, big coffee hall, under the jurisdiction of the thousands of small business team every month can contribute to water turnover of hundreds of million yuan. But no one expected that the market would change so fast that it seemed that overnight business was bad". Regardless of public opinion or the team members suspected to have let her suffering, although the monthly income is still far more than their peers, but great psychological pressure to the already mature she actually looks a bit old means.

micro is a new term in China, but it sounds a bit boring. Over the past few years, it represents an emerging industry, as well as millions of dollars in industry. More than two years, they abruptly put this originally belong to the grassroots community games moved to the mainstream platform, won the attention of thousands of people. Today, you may not know what the micro quotient is, but you must have heard the term.


micro business in the end is what has not yet been strictly defined. Generally believe that as long as WeChat as the main dissemination, consultation, transaction platform of the electricity supplier can be understood as micro business. When and where did this emerging business model begin to fail?. More acceptable saying is probably in early 2013, the initial form is through the WeChat circle of friends to promote overseas purchasing business.

If the

logical analysis, it is difficult to understand the micro business: WeChat is a closed ecosystem, is not conducive to the promotion and customer development; mobile Internet have split flow phenomenon in the WeChat ecosystem was especially prominent. And this lack of shops, through WeChat pay direct money model, it is difficult to protect buyers Safety – no matter from any angle, such transactions seem to be difficult to pop up.

, but the reality quickly put a slap in the face of the theory: in a very short period of time, as the virus generally spread to the whole country. Fueling the forthgoer rich miracle, the interests of enterprises and media propaganda, on both sides of the Changjiang River to fifty or sixty years old aunt uncle overnight, to college students and even high school students have to pick up the mobile phone, open WeChat, transformed from the staff / housewife / student / full-time wife identity to micro entrepreneurs taking the role of. The industry is not rigorous statistics, in 2013 the number of micro business practitioners only tens of thousands of, and this figure by the end of 2014 is suddenly increased to more than 6 million.

micro business industry ushered in its golden age

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