Mou Changqing about writing original Bowen how to find writing ideas

now many webmaster friends have write independent blog, I have been calling 28 push public service training students, have their own independent blog, write original Bowen, exercise style. You can also see some articles about how to promote independent blogs from time to time, but few people share how to keep writing original blogs.

I think if an independent blog is successful, it will have vitality. Promotion is only part of it. The key is to be able to adhere to the update, and ensure quality. Now many independent blogs die, not because the blog did not promote, but these independent bloggers, they do not know what to write, updated less and less. From 1 weeks, 1 articles, to January, 1 articles, or even six months before the update. Slowly to see less and less people, bloggers also feel boring, stop domain name renewals, the independent blog will not be able to access the final.

, IT, Bo = originality, often updated + good writing + thinking, deep

in the industry can persist for more than a year, every day to update the original Bowen very few people, I know and adhere to, basically successful. For example, everyone knows the Moonlight blog, was once a day an original Bowen, in addition to well-known IT name Bo Liu Xingliang. I remember reading Liu Xingliang’s blog for 06 years, when he introduced himself as a "non – famous IT blogger"". Then he witnessed every day to update a high-quality original Bowen, in the industry popularity is getting higher and higher. In this blog to update the original after 1 years, Liu Xingliang has been recognized as the industry’s most popular IT Hot Blog of Liu Xingliang in the self introduction column from "non famous IT blog" into a "well-known IT blog".

Of course,

does not insist on updating his blog every day to become a famous blogger. At the same time, blogger’s article should be thoughtful, deep and good in writing. Moonlight blog, Liu Xingliang, because it has these advantages, so it has become the industry recognized IT bo. So some suggestions to blog friends, without the support of strong writing and industry experience, best not to pursue every day, and every day to update one no quality, less than a week to update a quality blog.

how to find writing ideas, adhere to the original Bowen update

actually, I’ve shared with the 28 push team members at the 28 push team YY meeting since I found out that some of the members’ independent blogs haven’t been updated for a long time. Some team members say that because of the busy, more people say that they do not know what to write. Therefore, in view of this phenomenon, at that time in particular in YY and team members to share some ideas to write their own blog, how to find the weekly writing material.

was in YY at the time of temporary play, summed up and not very systematic, today in Bowen in the reorganization of ideas, and share with you. Hope to draw through this article to write original blog readers, not the pursuit of updated every day, not the pursuit of like Lu Songsong >

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