The second day of building Zhang Jingwei’s blog

, on the first day of building Zhang Jingwei’s blog, we’ve identified the direction and found the right blogging process. Next, it entered the production stage. In the production phase, my main consideration is the user experience, which includes the following.

1, accessibility


website is an individual and group oriented, in order to let everyone can hinder all groups in the reader, the site must be accessible (508), which is the user agent (browser, mobile phone reader, blind reader can correct) browse our website. To do this, we need to pay attention to these factors.

1.1 pay attention to the link title in the web site.

1.2 pay attention to the text substitution of pictures, audio, and Flash in the website.

1.3 pay attention to the lable tag around input.

2, visual effects

visual effect is the most prominent part of a website, a good visual enjoyment to leave a deep impression on others, you can ask yourself, when I visited a type of technology website is clear and concise style of love, or love passionate style, I believe you will get a a reasonable answer. For your answer to the website, I think you will go again. Therefore, a good visual style is helpful and promotes the image of the website.

3, content

when the user has recognized the style of the site, he will certainly go to find what he needs, at this time, content is particularly important. Strengthen the content needs to do the following.

3.1 close connection between document and document. (internal link)

3.2 content is timely and accurate. (original article)

3.3 language organization conforms to grammar. (fluent, concise and comprehensive)

4, functional

functionality, as its name suggests, is the function of the site. These functions, such as Ajax replies, blogs, articles, and blogs, are useful to you in voting systems that can link bloggers to IM links and so on. Functionality helps to improve the interaction between users and site owners, thereby increasing user stickiness.

clear that after four, I began to design my blog template, you can now blog like whether meet the above 4? Oh, perhaps in visual effect, do not enough, but the capacity is limited, using the first makeshift.

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