Wife and website can not have both which one should give up

written in front of the site today: business is very good, but I have no mind to do a website, because just to have separated nearly half of the wife off the phone. The following article I (long) the true story, there is no need to reprint. Want to send the reason is very simple: to make some webmaster friends.

text begins

three years ago, when I was a young college student, took the lead into the cause of it, now it seems that although there is no regret, sigh is very much. When the third day with my roommate, learn to open a shop, then think now is really a little naive, a registered in eBay an account with a camera, their identity card took out to eBay in disorderly fashion as part of the ranks of e-commerce… Think that as long as the open a shop there will be someone to patronize, not knowing the business secret is of course, finally come to nothing, now home to " collection of " some had a it did not sell to inventory.

4, at home to open a lottery betting station, I always let me everywhere to find the number of lottery, online test machine, so many years I found on the Internet, a test machine, but can not find (then), he thought, if you can give the user convenient to check test machine No. site should be welcome to do it. After all, I am still young, ah Ken Ken took the book, looking for the tutorial, finally, his first website made out.

is dedicated to providing data at first, then on the forum, now also a small score. The lottery station monthly advertising sold well, but were crooks website to look for me, what to pay how much money, give the winning number. Because of the need to buy a server, anxious to put these rotten the advertisement take down. Less than a month, I have continued to have a complaint to the members, deceived like. I was strange, if he can know the number of lottery, why tell you not to be able to buy their own profit. Ah! He must have deceived people. In desperation, I took a part of the advertising server, things also delayed down.

senior, do the lottery website more and more people, but my site IP never less than 1W (after all, only a few people play the lottery Internet) when satisfied thought, space provider call, my site has a problem, should be immediately closed. For I was really is a bolt from the blue. I asked to know, they said my site suspected of gambling. I resisted said, this is the national Ministry of Civil Affairs under the China welfare lottery, how is illegal gambling? Of course, my resistance is weak, the site has been closed for two days after the situation, the database should be back. When the site is open again after a week, Baidu updated two times (I don’t know what time, Baidu so hard) most of the page is relentless, K off site business down a lot, almost all month monthly Finally, I’ve no intention of running the website and selling it cheap

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