Local WeChat public number on the road of operation combined with the website


website for ten years or so, feeling more and more difficult to operate the PC website, the Internet now, slowly toward the direction of the mobile Internet development, now for ordinary users, the average person will prefer mobile phone online, do not love the Internet computer. WeChat, another killer of the Tencent empire. Keep your mouth shut. Focus on it,

a few months ago, whim, just made a local WeChat public number, Xiapu online. Has not thought about how to operate, until recently, only a little way out today, but also hope that we can discuss the mobile Internet, using the WeChat platform, the development way of ordinary webmaster.

Xiapu online, the WeChat public number, which I currently connect to the Dede site, now has the main features. Membership function, coupon function, convenience information, merchant 114, local cuisine, local tourism, etc..

the entire WeChat is based mainly on WeChat users, and users are concerned about registering a user number by default. This number will be retained regardless of the user’s attention or cancellation, even if the user cancels attention and pays attention again. The user number is the same.

coupons, similar to buy, the user sent a discount code to Xiapu online WeChat, you can get a preferential password, take this preferential password to the store consumption, you can enjoy preferential.

convenience information, the main list of local express and other telephone contact, user-friendly inquiries.

merchant 114 services, mainly for the importation of the name of the local shop, you can directly query the address of the store and other information. For example, "Winnie the Pooh", you can inquire about the cubs silly children’s information.

other major is information search. It’s not introduced.

in the promotion, mainly with local businesses to do cooperation, for example, free collection of the store information, conditions, just print their own self-adhesive two-dimensional code affixed to the other store cashier.

, the effect of this promotion has slowly surfaced. Cooperative businesses will also actively help people scan two-dimensional code, because it is good for both.

encountered many difficulties in modifying the interface. However。 At least for the time being. Can be a good solution. I believe that in the mobile Internet, the local WeChat public number, in the local network media to win a world.

, but… For the time being, the PC side pages have not yet been made. Mainly in the mobile terminal, and other mobile terminals after the completion of the combination. Expanding back to the PC end, and perhaps, only then, will be a niche in the competition for local sites,

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