How does the website dig profit point to gain profit

for the webmaster, the ultimate goal of the station is nothing more than to achieve profitability through the site. (except for ORG), but now the Internet situation, we are all obvious, not every site can make money, and more frightening is to make money just a few stops. So what would you do if you want your website to be a profitable site?

first of all, let me talk about the problems I’ve encountered with the webmaster.

website builds up, stationmaster suffers from the promotion that carries a website, rank PR value is expected to arrive when a more substantial number. Owners have started to worry, how to make your site profitable?? information, information, have, flow, and then began to kick start along the west east hand to find profitable way, cooperate with others, do offline activities, make friends gathering….. Still can not achieve their purpose, and strenuous physical and mental. Of course, if you only make money from the most basic Google ads, I really don’t have anything to tell you.

I think there must be a lot of people with such experience. The problem is where the process, a process error, resulted in a late search for profit models. The profit model should not be considered after the site is online. Well, let me give you a brief introduction of my experience in building a website. Take my station as an example.

first of all, my idea is to be a second-hand car website for Ji’nan city. What needs to be explained here is that the website serves only the people of Ji’nan, and the scale is limited to Ji’nan, and only serves the civil vehicles.

then investigate the existing used car websites in the market. Investigate their influence in the industry and investigate the characteristics of their website construction. Investigate their features and services. For example, Youka network mainly in the 4S shop replacement for the main business, China used car network is used car evaluation and testing, the 273 network is done in chain stores, etc..

third investigates user needs. Here, I need to investigate the needs of users who have the need to sell cars and buy used cars. Limited personal ability. When investigating demand, you first need to figure out which items you need to investigate and how to find better candidates for the survey. What kind of information will these surveys give you?. Personal strength may sometimes be very limited, so investigation may be difficult for some weaker teams and individuals. Well, I’ll take my survey experience and share it with you.

1. Ask your friends, classmates, etc. directly.

2. Join the relevant QQ group, MSN group, etc., in the group space inside the release of their own investigation. (the way to feel the effect is really good, but be careful of him temper, may be T


3. Publishing votes in QQ space.

4. Baidu knows, ask Sina ask…… >.

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