How to operate the video game city

with the tense pace of modern life, more and more people have more demand for entertainment, with more needs, the emergence of video games, to meet the needs of the majority of consumers! Want to open the video game city, how to operate the video game city can have a prior understanding of the line, today, to listen to the successful operation of the game city shop he, to introduce how to open his own video game city how to operate it.

came to Shanghai, the initiation of entrepreneurial idea

1996 years, to the Taiwan red elephant group to work less than a year of Pan Renfeng, was assigned to Shanghai, is responsible for the formation of "red hat like Shanghai children’s paradise" video game city. He was the construction speed of earthquakes in Shanghai lived, in 1997, the Shanghai Office of the National Games, a million people in the stadium from the demolition to built stadium, only more than a year. "Only the people who came to the mainland knew how prosperous it was, not what we had imagined before". Thus sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship in the mainland.

1999 years, "red elephant" to open the world trade center in Wuhan, Wu Wu second stores, the company transferred to Wuhan to fully responsible for the preparation and operation. "Although in the wide open before the store has accumulated a lot of experience, the benefits are good. But the two shops are too close, both can not completely copy the mode of Wu Guang shop, and can not be separated from red hat as the usual features".

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