Eight major reasons for the site to do little

1: space is not good, do not

space can be selected to pay attention, just like the house is everything, will take away the rotten house spider! I was like this: stability and speed is necessary, even the most basic are not up to you, sorry, next! Oh, money is not a problem, the problem is. No money! No money, no small, no bad!


2: domain name is not good to do, except the master

this corn is very important, this is a kind with clothes, wear beautiful clothes, do not know in front of, behind certainly a lot of people see! What good buy corn? Most people first thought is easy to remember, easy to remember is to consider, but not the most important, is BD remember that because the corn bigger? Sina is easy to remember because the corn only bigger? What people what to wear, what station with what meters, depending on what you want to do keyword selection, it can not be sloppy, seriously consider, once laid down, don’t change! If the corn and keywords with this, it will be more effective, handy! Because any search for very large weight of rice to


3: program is not good to do, except for masters,

, although this procedure is not particularly important, it should be chosen according to the actual situation, only choose the right, do not choose expensive oh, if it is a novice, choose the most people use, there are questions, understanding of many people, it was answered. If it is a master, I do not care, I can manage it,


4: do not do a little connection, except the master


connection is very important, connected well, Baidu will be very love, often hear people say what to do high quality connection, in fact, what is the connection of high quality, high PR high quality? Not necessarily, at the time the snapshot, included the number, the first home, ranking, flow this, how to choose the best, do not look at the traffic flow, unless he W, if the optimization is Baidu snapshot time look, look at the first page. If it is not a new station, but not included, the kind of do not do, and this is why? Why: Hang


5: not original, do not, except for individual experts,

The original

is your advantage products, something that others do not, this is the original BD love this delicacy! It can’t blame BD picky, who doesn’t love? You too, who do not love to eat things (you don’t get oh) things to hope for your


6: does not write soft text to do little (maybe someone will oppose)

if you don’t write soft Wen can do big, that wrote the soft Wen will do more big, if the soft text has no effect, then A5 can fire? Behind the time can red? (no other meaning oh)

7: update is not normal, do not, except for master

personally feels that the better the update should be (the better the quality is), the better the rule, not today’s 500, and then several

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