From Xiao Shenyang talk about how to seize the hot video to do traffic

experts predict that video will dominate mobile Internet traffic within 5 years. 09 years, the most fire man is Xiao Shenyang, and today open Baidu video hot search ranked first is Xiao Shenyang, and then check the Baidu index, the daily user attention is about 80 thousand. Visible power of video traffic.

now say, webmasters are most concerned about the traffic problems, how to catch hot video, bring traffic to your site. How to find the hot video, how to publish the hot events to their website for the first time, how to find the relevant places to promote?.

one, spotted hot material

wants to get good results, must be early, when most people have not yet discovered, began to do. If you do not make a few days before Xiao Shenyang’s Spring Festival Gala, make some articles based on Xiao Shenyang, video, and then release it, you can imagine that a few days later, the data you released will bring amazing traffic.

how to find hot events, recommend you through the following ways:

1: look at Baidu Fengyun list (Baidu Fengyun list, can reflect some of the current popular elements)

2: focuses on major portals, entertainment, headlines, news,

3: podcast network video browsing list

4: Baidu paste list

two, released hot material

it’s a good thing to do the news, and be quick, accurate and new. Professional web site for the health of the webmaster, but do not have their own video space, you can through the following two methods.

method: find the first time to publish web video download address, download the video, the video with their own web site, and then uploaded to a podcast network, then posted to their website on OK.

method two: learn which website video updates faster, and then directly the other side of the video link, released to your web site.

three: looking for promotion sites

or take Xiao Shenyang for example, such as the release of Xiao Shenyang’s latest performance video, and then go to those places to promote this material, there are three main places.

1. Xiao Shenyang Baidu stick

2. Xiao Shenyang official official website or unofficial website

3., the major web site forum entertainment section

because the visitors from these places are basically fans of Xiao Shenyang, the click rate will be very high.

The key lies in the practice of

website promotion, many promotion methods in your opinion may have no effect when you use this promotion method is effective, because the flood will not have the effect, but the wise man will definitely be the first time to do, the result flow >

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