Langtaosha quality is the personal website of the future

recently with other webmaster chat, deeply feel the current personal Adsense survival crisis. Faced with in the field of big website financing constantly, listing and financing of venture capital, and let them have the strength to get bigger, and those of us with no capital, no background of the individual owners, facing the survival pressure surge. Want with a force, compete with this company, from the market to get a piece of meat to eat for many however, easier said than done! Chose to do the station as a webmaster and entrepre like me to stand as a hobby for the stationmaster, want to give up station in fact not so real! And what we should do, can do is to face this "before the wolf, a tiger" situation, find a suitable for our personal webmaster development path,

breakout success!In recent years the development characteristics of

website, we can see that with the large web sites continue to enhance the strength of the continuous change of the policy, for the impact of individuals more and more efforts are also increasing, suspected of doing edge ball website, do rely on SEO means to obtain the flow of dumpster more easily violated the "high tension line" and halfway, and those who will eventually be able to enter the fast track of development, survive from various impact sites, most of them have regular and correct positioning, really rely on is "stop strategy boutique". Therefore, I think, in the future, personal website outlet must rely on high-quality, quality of the line, in order to go far and successful. How to get out of the fine quality of the road to do the station, in particular, should do the following:

one, aiming at user needs, do the user really needs the station

is the user flow, we every day in the pursuit of more traffic, essentially stems from the desire for users, in the face of an unstable traffic from search engines, the most stable, the highest quality is ultimately caused by the flow of loyal users. Therefore, whether it is to increase traffic, or increase the number of users, in the final analysis is to rely on growing loyal users. In order to achieve this goal, we should aim at the needs of the user groups at the beginning of the station. According to their actual needs and characteristics, we should give the website a correct orientation. Then around the theme of positioning, follow-up development, only in the initial development of the road to choose the right, in order to ensure that the follow-up can be successful.

two, the quality of survival, allowing users to determine the success or failure of the site

one of the most popular words we hear is "survive with quality."". It is necessary to understand the meaning of this advertisement and apply it to the development of websites. The quality of the website specifically embodied in the content to provide users with services and information services, the user first came to the site in order to find the information and resources they need, so they can only find their satisfaction with the resources to make its enhancement on the website of the recognition and trust, and strengthen the stickiness, become loyal users the website, become a source of stable flow. On this basis, we can also use word of mouth communication

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