Key words website promotion indispensable tool


keyword is an important part of search engine optimization, network promotion in the field, the appropriate choice of keywords search volume will affect the enterprise website and conversion to a great extent, is a tool to do network promotion and SEO integral. Then what is the key? The words can be divided into several categories according to the characteristics of what keywords? How to select the enterprise website to promote the rankings and sales? These questions will be from the northwest network promotion leader a housekeeper for you to answer one by one.

what’s the key word,


for network promotion, the concept of key words almost without a specific argument, a butler believes that an enterprise by setting their own business and product or industry related words to let users may find their own business or related information in the search engine, which helps to improve the traffic and conversion rate network promotion behavior, to the key words in the absolute connection between Internet users and website is keyword search.

How do you categorize


nets a housekeeper in the network promotion Keywords summed up the two classification method. First, according to the length of the key points for the core keywords and long tail keywords, long tail keywords refers to a keyword, some questions such as: the nature of the Xi’an network promotion company which good wedding photography? Good? Core keywords such as: wedding photography, tourism, traffic and so on. According to people’s understanding of the enterprise, you can also divide keywords into industry keywords and brand keywords. Keywords is an industry, is the industry keywords, such as network marketing; refers to a brand, such as network, a housekeeper, network marketing, that is, brand keywords.

What are the characteristics of



these categories, the long tail keywords search, positioning accurate, his target crowd is very clear. It may contain certain regional nouns, time nouns and so on. The target population knows the general situation that they want to search for, and can extend to a brand or product. Therefore, the search volume is not so great, but the conversion rate is higher, and the core keywords include a wide range, large search volume, but the conversion rate is not as high as the long tail keywords.

The main difference between

brand keywords and industry keywords is the customer’s perception of the things to be searched for. As the network marketing, the user can search a brand keywords that the brand has had the promotion effect on customers, the brand is what he knew and even recognized, the next thing to do is to show the advantages of their products in front of customers, promote the transformation, and industry keywords users most brand is not much concept, it is a good time to network promotion and establish their own brand image, which requires enterprises to show their own brand characteristics and authority in front of the user, to attract users attention and favor.

knows the basic categories and features of the keywords. Let’s look at the selection of keywords. A housekeeper thinks, >

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