Electricity providers do brand it this is the way to survive in the future

some people say that the current electricity supplier is the happiest thing alive. Compared to two years ago, crazy money, stride forward singing militant songs, now the business a lot of low-key, television advertising has not seen, building advertising is no longer their favorite fight for every inch of land, even the subway, is now no longer advocates "squeeze more health", "all the phenomenon that the electricity supplier listless".

electricity supplier status quo

some crazy money supplier seems premature premonition, even if crazy money may not be able to create a good brand effect. Just do a solid foundation, still waters, and occasionally play with the low cost of marketing, now live well.

also some electricity supplier to follow the inertia of the industry, after the crazy wake up, white smashed. Occasionally, I put my face down on TV, looking for a place in the building and squeezing down my eyebrows on the subway, but it didn’t work very well. Flow that things come quickly, and also go very fast. Come and go, no money.

before, we often talk about, money is gone, you can earn, for the electricity supplier, this really can not say this, because the mainstream logic of the domestic electricity supplier is, the winner is king. The winner is king oriented, making money is a tough thing. When you don’t make money, the money is gone.

not bad money life, everyone on the money and there is no such time as precious concept, as if no amount of money that Tuzhen. So, we are trying hard to advertise, burn, prefer not to make money, but to engage in large-scale, which is aimed at the boss, and on the way to achieve the goal, the Sichuan mahjong style, threw the bloody battle in the end, go the other way, let others have no way out. Every business are wide with bloodshot eyes, with money, in their opinion, money can help. This is understandable, the author agrees, for the domestic electricity supplier, money is gone, there is nothing left. But if only staring at the money, and ignore the future of money, the final outcome of the electricity supplier may be caught in the future, the future hold can not live.


many people may disagree, Chinese market electricity business logic is spoiled consumers, the final competition is the price and the shopping experience. What brand you are in the end, as long as let me buy cheap, buy comfortable, I will find you. If one of the two fails to perform, I seek another person directly.

what is the future money – brand


environment is still the initial stage of the development of electricity supplier, apply the winner is king, do not make money logic. Is there a business that has not been profitable?. So the wrong logic must have changed one day. On that day, electricity began to make money, consumers still value the price and the shopping experience, but the price is no longer Dutch act price, shopping experience is no longer limit physical overdraft, must rely on the ability to control the cost of the price concessions, and relying on the comprehensive performance of internal operation ability to capture the hearts and minds of customers.

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