How do SMEs bring customers and orders through the web site

with the rapid development of Internet, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been transformed into the Internet marketing industry. They want to expand their business and improve their sales performance and profit through this platform. According to relevant data, there are millions of enterprises engaged in network marketing (e-commerce) in china. Although so many enterprises to enter the online market, but the real money, stable money, brand companies are not much, what is the reason? Check Hongjiang is considered to be the main enterprises lack really understand the network marketing network marketing talents, skills and strategies need to perform. So what do you do,


what should an SME analyze before looking for potential customers through the Web:

Cha Hongjiang think that small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in investment and the implementation of network marketing can not be blind, but to their own industry market, seriously analysis of the product market, product characteristics and customer characteristics, to do business to make money first to take the customer as the center, to seriously consider the psychological appeal.

say: you sell the furniture business, then the first thing is to analyze your target customer group is what people, target customer groups generally on the Internet to do what, what some of them on the Internet behavior. After these questions are clearly understood, then there is a large number of their products and services displayed in front of the target users, so that they see, so that they can have an opportunity to order.

What does

SMEs need to prepare for finding customers through the Web:

website construction is one of the basic tools of small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in network marketing, website is the enterprise in the electronic name card online, it is one of the most basic Internet platform connected with the target customers and enterprises, so enterprises need to build website. Secondly, the quality of the website directly affects the effectiveness of enterprise network marketing. Because now most customers buy on the Internet, there is a psychological comparison, comparison of love in an industry at the same time to find several business products and services, which well, the greater the probability of customer choice, and the website is the first impression the customer contact the enterprise and the product, so the site is essential. Check that Hongjiang in the construction of enterprise website might spend a little money, to understand the network marketing company or personal website, do not blindly in order to save costs, just to find a network company to do a website, but it can not bring profits to enterprises. Many enterprises almost no content, empty, no content, and some of the content is simply no readability, customers are not interested, so try to think of customers like content.

give a very simple example: you spent 1000 dollars to do a website, but the website every month for you can only earn 100 yuan of money, but if you spend 5000 dollars on a web site, but the site each month, you can earn 30 thousand yuan, so the charge of decision quality, decision quality grade the grade determine benefit, the key is to look at how to understand and treat the enterprise boss.

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