n the Tencent territory WeChat and hand Q can coexist

these two days has been concerned about the movements of Ali and Ma’s outgoing, but less attention to WeChat. Today, I occasionally saw a dispute over WeChat on a grid of electricity, but suddenly found that these days, the Tencent debate has not stopped. In fact, the focus of the debate about WeChat focused on the coexistence of WeChat and Q. As we all know, Ma Huateng has repeatedly publicly praised WeChat’s value in large public places, which inevitably makes it feel red eyed and dissatisfied with the mobile phone QQ of Tencent’s mobile platform. After all, WeChat is a born just 3 years of mobile phone products, and QQ with the desktop version of QQ Tencent to go all the way now, Q is not the dominant hand on the qualifications of registered users, Q is WeChat win, but this is a software for WeChat has become more and more be forgotten.

then all kinds of news about WeChat instead of "Q" emerge in an endless stream in the industry. After all, there are too many similarities between hand Q and WeChat, but in the same era, how much can not coexist. But it is really like this? I don’t think so, at least from my point of view, WeChat is indeed a valuable product or product ecosystem, and hand Q is a product of ideology, both will coexist.

mobile QQ is not accumulated, it still has to continue looking for value and significance,

in fact, the question of whether or not the two can coexist is simple. What is their value and can not continue to attract new users?. WeChat first, after developing in recent years, Tencent, which made great achievements in the construction of communication, and the public on the platform of the circle of acquaintances, and according to the latest news that WeChat is likely to start the commercialization process, starting from Mobile Games. Once the profit of WeChat is the entire Internet can not ignore the role, after all, WeChat is no longer a simple tool, but a closed circle of exchange of information, in this case the flow out is very small, the realization of great value. But in Q there is no meaning? Obviously not, lingcao park owners believe that hand Gynostemma Q loading current is 400 million +, its profitability is also obvious to people, accounting for 23.2 of the 2012 annual revenue of Tencent%, value-added services in the user hand Q is continued stable liquidity. Therefore, in the WeChat for the Tencent Prince today, hand Q still has the meaning of existence.

has been robbed of a lot of attention by WeChat, but it is undeniable that many years of product operations have accumulated some inherent advantages for mobile QQ development.


meaning is there, and the next thing to look at is hand Q leader’s decision making ability and product R & D level. In view of the current situation, mobile phone QQ has the following two advantages: first, the mobile phone QQ has a default in the subconscious, although many people are now chatting with friends that has very little, but that with our age, secondly, even if the activity is not enough, but we still subconsciously. >

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