A case study of interest mapping and social mapping

1. on interest mapping and social mapping

what is the interest map


interest map is a network that shows "I like this.". A map of the common interests of people and people, based on shared interests, but not necessarily people. It’s a web map that shows "I like this", and the interest spectrum brings people together through the same interests.


‘s interest,


, "interest" in the Internet, is a tool for organizing user groups and grouping information. (personally think it’s an effective management of UGC)

is based on interest, which forms a group of specific users, and realizes the classified processing of information. It is of great value for users to distinguish and deal with various kinds of disorder Internet information. (quote from the article "domestic pinterest development")

what is a social map?


social map is a web map that shows "I know you.". It’s a simple mapping of people’s offline relationships online.

What is the


The three existing social relationships in


strong relationship: we are deeply concerned about people

weak ties: we are loosely connected people, friends like friends,

: we don’t know but temporary relationship with temporary interact; temporary relationship is people don’t admit, but temporary contact, such as our temporary chat in Taobao stores, Douban’s comments etc..

The difference between

‘s interest map and social map


two maps, in fact, users on the Internet from a different angle of appeal. The relational map carries the emotional needs of users to communicate and interact with their friends, while the interest map reflects the self actualization needs of users to pursue their tastes and acquire knowledge.

2. takes Sina, micro-blog, and mogujie.com as examples,

finds out how relationships and interests are reflected in the product.

2.1, Sina, micro-blog,

, Sina, and micro-blog aren’t just twitter yet……

, Sina, and micro-blog began to take on more of the attributes of the media. The so-called social media should be a large number of Internet users spontaneous contribution, extraction, create news consulting, and then spread the process. It has the following characteristics:

one-way attention;

Fellow concerns or forwards based on the topic or interest of a person;

fragmentation of information transmission

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