Ma Yun retired but there are still a lot of thinking left for Ali’s territory

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5.10, Taobao 10th anniversary’s anniversary, Ma Yun chose to leave. Whether it is out or moved to other, as the total helmsman ten years of Taobao, Ma gave the team enough vitality. Perhaps some friends do not feel, Ma Yun’s Taobao, as if there is no apple of Jobs, without the guidance of the soul, then its original product attributes will inevitably be greatly reduced. But as an electricity supplier industry observer, I think Ma Yun’s departure is in some sense in favor of Taobao, will at least bring a new development ideas for the enterprise, moreover, Ma Yun’s departure is not sudden, its products in the field, the scope of business is also done for Taobao pave the way.

business level constantly adjusted to seek the best mode

Ma Yun’s departure is also a precursor, at least Taobao’s business continues to adjust is Ma Yun before leaving office to seek a most suitable model of development. From the division of the seven divisions to the distribution of the 25 business groups, Ali tried to use the quickest means to achieve efficient work. Because 10 years of time has made Taobao the China electricity supplier giant has too much business, followed by the inevitable big enterprise disease, do not pay attention to user experience, product quality checks are unable to stand in front of Taobao mountain, and mobile Internet any product can change rapidly, Ali is not extremely arrogant. So. Because in the Ma layout, Ali is an ecological system and is not only a platform, it needs to be sufficiently sensitive to the changes of the market, and has a clear understanding of the future core business, so the business adjustment is based on the demand of the necessary action.

on-line shopping search, to build traffic brand

vertical search has been considered a development direction of product search the future, especially in China by Baidu search control today, try shopping search and other vertical areas can be seen as a different attempt. As a business leader, Ali obviously foresight in this regard, in addition to some early Amoy vertical shopping search, which in 2013 launched Ali cloud search, although in the relatively low-key, but from my point of view, this is the inevitable choice of ali. Because the construction of infrastructure in the mobile Internet and self ecological system, how to make their own businesses or products in the shortest time show the demand groups, so that consumers do not need to jump out of the network platform, you can get the corresponding search needs is crucial. And once in the shopping search results accurately compare prices, credit, humanized recommendation will rise greatly promote the user experience, which will maintain the Taobao core business advantage is also quite significant.

uses dual core mode, once again focus on the development of

, a portfolio of Ali finance, a core business, Lu Zhaoxi and Peng Lei, seems reasonable to me. Because it’s growing up now

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