Easy to lead to the failure of the eight major short sighted behavior

for the webmaster, do stand is rapid success, including gain, gain fame, a typical way of gaining influence, in this competitive society, do stand because it has the "equality" — no family background can make no grassroots webmaster also get out the chance of success; because it is "free" does not need to be fixed to the "boss" report and can self control and schedule, the webmaster is his boss, and let more and more people choose to do stand as a shortcut to pursue their own success".

however, there is no absolute "shortcut" to the world, in this relatively has been regarded as a "shortcut" behind, but hidden countless factors may lead to the failure of various objective factors, but can not control, for the webmaster most in need of attention is the factors of people, among which the webmaster for the implementation of the objectives and the implementation of the process of doing the station is the most important strength. Combined with my own and many friends around the experience of the station, I summed up the following eight short-sighted behavior, the most likely, most likely to lead the station to do the failure, these should be to avoid.

one, seeking to save money, and choose no guarantee space providers.

said that although the individual owners are mostly grassroots, the individual’s economic strength is limited, but since the choice of the station will do the equivalent of an investment and entrepreneurship, for most elements about success, relying on website space to select enough security. Stationmaster early in order to save money, choose some small business space there is no guarantee that the lead in the development of the website often cannot access the situation, it is not only difficult to maintain long-term, is not the site bigger and stronger.

two, too trusting and dependent on shared free resources.

is similar to the first point, in order to save the initial cost, the owners for free resources on the network spread, especially as the free program source code and the so-called cracked package and other resources of particular interest, even for those without quality assurance resources to develop a dependence, behind this blind trust the most likely cause is because of various the procedures and make the site died.

three, taking a step is a lack of general planning and objectives.

whether to do anything should have a general plan and goals, do stand is the same, many webmaster at the beginning of the station because of the lack of a plan to look at step by step in the process of doing stand, after a long time still can not find the site led to the development of a the forming of the orbit, not to mention the profit to follow the prescribed order.

four, random habits do stand inconstant in policy.

because in the process of doing stand, Adsense is your boss, so the management and control of the site have absolute autonomy, which leads to the webmaster can at any time to update or delete on the website related content according to their own feelings and personal preferences, but do not consider the website content and stability "

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