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There are many

methods for learning network marketing experience of this kind of articles online, some friends write is also very good, today Zhan Chenghong is here to share with you some of my personal experiences and views in this regard. Network marketing, as its name suggests, is a marketing approach, different from traditional marketing, and the difference is that network marketing is based on the Internet implementation of this platform means of marketing. With the development of the Internet in Chinese, the number of Internet users is increasing, whether enterprises or individuals are already aware of network marketing development will be related to the future survival and development of enterprises, the importance of network marketing learning has been unprecedented attention of the people. Then, in the process of learning online marketing, we should pay attention to what problems, and how to deal with these problems in the course of learning may arise? Below we begin to give you one by one analysis and explanation.

1, the network is the means, marketing is the purpose,

we say that the network marketing is the key marketing two words, network marketing is a big concept, if specific marketing methods that there is a lot of, I do not say I believe that everyone can say specific practices on dozens of hundreds, to name just a few, like Forum promotion, blog promotion, IM promotion, news push, encyclopedia promotion, quiz promotion and so on. Here we do not say that, because of the myriads of changes which in my opinion is not the most important, learn method, is never finished, teach you today in this way, there will be another tomorrow, learn the essence of the essence, focusing on. A lot of friends may ask me, so what exactly are you talking about and what is the essence of it? Zhan Chenghong believes that the key point of marketing lies in a "living" word. Many people will use, but different people with different effects, some friends in order to marketing a website or product is a lot of effort, the eighteen class is all weapons are used, but the effect is not ideal, and some friends only one or several methods can gain a lot of in fact, the reason is very simple, the method for rigid, network marketing can not follow the way, not to think of what is the best technique, marketing is not the best way, but to see what our users, users love, love to see what kind of user information, the user has a kind of reading habits. Know that no matter what method, combined with the special situation of the user, even if only a method will have a good effect. Marketing thinking must be liberalized, dare to innovate is also good marketing. Tip: This article is a network marketing blogger Zhan Chenghong original, please login details about Zhan Chenghong’s personal blog I QQ924954592 new network marketing 1 Zhan red group 120765813 and I welcome friends into the group learning.

2, mentality is the key, execution is very important,

to do anything, the mentality is the most critical, network marketing is the same. As we all know, network marketing first soft Wen promotion will inevitably involve, a web site external promotion is also the chain of increasing, link to pay

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