My experience of buying links

words, from this month I took the link to speak, received three days, the loss of more than one thousand yuan!


A5 send a stick in the high quality links, Shen, because it is the first collection of links, thought he is not stupid, is a veteran, did not expect the purchase link inside pour really many! Post not long, there are a lot of people contact, give you a web site, PR the price, through some tools, auxiliary examination, found the information is true, there is no more exchanges, to request the other party to do, because much money did not consider the other, directly through the payment to Alipay, now selling links a lot, always check, do, payment received about fifty or sixty later, found that many of the members are the beginning of cooperation has sent a higher PR, included more, of course the price is higher in the high quality website, after the examination did not think because it is the second collaboration, do direct support Pay attention to [b], a liar is the psychological, because it is the two collaboration, buyers less alert psychology, [/b], and so do a lot of high quality links, on the second day, the Commissioner responsible for inspection of the inspection found that after the two cooperative members basically removed the link!

summarizes the following points:

1 don’t be cheap. (below the market price link you have to be careful)

2, two cooperation, please check the owner of the site carefully, is not the payee?. (because of the first cooperation, you will lower alert)

3 high quality PR links are best used by intermediaries or Taobao transactions, with a minimum of ten days after confirmation of the loan.

4 please pay attention to a lot of people who link to the station. In fact, such people are most likely to be liars. (they’re either black chains, or IDC dealers, or liars)

5 no contact on the website, do not accept, do not look at the web site to see the above included contact information.

hope everyone will sum up more experience, and don’t give the buyer any more damage,


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original! A5 starter! Please keep the address for reprint.

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