The future direction of nternet company

with the arrival of the era of network economy, all walks of life have shifted their eyes to the internet. When Google, Baidu, YAHOO and other search engine has become the object of people rely on, all walks of life are also really got the network, brings the value of the search engine, the Internet also appear in PPC, search engine optimization services. This once again confirmed the sentence: "the emergence of a new technology can drive the emergence and development of one or more industries.".

in the network economy is unusually hot today, remove the network economy bubbles, we can not help but think of the future of the network will depend on how the development of students in the network of the company will be the first search engine, decide on what path to follow? Will develop for a long time. People’s dependence on them will increase from generation to generation, and network information will continue to expand dramatically. Second, the network operators and service providers will shift their eyes to the traditional industry through the network, and various low-cost enterprises operating on search engines will be springing up like mushrooms.


search engine will be more formal, in China, Baidu search engine occupy most of the market, but Baidu’s operating strategy has deviated from the original search engine service to the entire Internet needs of people in mind, manual intervention, artificial right down, large scale PPC and so on, he put eyes on the money and business value, but not too much to consider the social value of the search engine and the entire network of interests. Baidu appears in Chinese, simply adds a means to the traditional industry marketing, no great significance! I personally do not love in the Baidu search for a word in the front row is to pay up Baidu and except for a few pieces of waste products can be no other attractive waste site I personally don’t love crazy, Baidu phone to do the bidding of the clerk, if they pay to do the bidding, then the original ranking good site regardless of the consequence, right is the final end! However, the rules of the market economy to continue his development, know the whole network of people are tired of his practice, give up to rely on his


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