The Empire of Cms and easli details

was a budding PowerEasy fan, can be said to be the old iron. Has been very love PowerEasy CMS, you can see even this blog, also used the system easy, I am not a few stations, this blog and website at Valley children, want to change, and feel real the asp version is no longer suitable, so on the choice of the Empire, after 2 months of testing, the details of the empire is in feeling is too much, here is not to say the details: BUG.

only had a little impact on the site of the convenient, plus years of easy mode used, suddenly changed into the Empire, really is not used. Then began to shake, the drum Daodong ran easy version of net, with a good, is that bUG is too horrible, but the feeling of running up a bit difficult, finally in the acquisition system of the deadly bug give up, because he had collected a download address can not, no way too much. It was officially opened after the Empire. The station began to slowly adjust to the website design, found that some aspects of the Empire, is not humane. Reading points can not be changed, the eldest brother, give me a ~~~~~~~~~


batch function also feel not satisfied, many column settings are not batch function, have tried to use the SQL statement to dangerous, many batch function lack PowerEasy Empire, many, almost all. Of course many empire is also very good, the information can be published comments list according to the arrangement of this very good.


can understand the information access to those sites, those comments, on site management is very good. I hope to learn from each other and Empire are details of each other, as for the structure of 2 cms can not talk about. Because I can’t let me talk about.

sprout original, reproduced to a connection,


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