Taobao zern off contest broadcast stable brother V5 final first monthly Awards

National Day holiday, the game is not a holiday. "2011CEEN · zern; world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition in the eleven golden week is still like a raging fire, but recently we often mentioned three splendid Taobao customers, many players also came a small outbreak during the holidays, a flourishing scene of battle.

brother brother is located within the three stable, "Taobao VIP media alliance" performance has been excellent and stable, can be compared to the other two "luffi520" and "Yu Qingping 2", is slightly dull, give you the feeling has been tepid, not too sharp, but also not bad. This week is stable when the back brother finally lead to the highest achievement of Zhou Guanjun’s 10 single week pen, the mighty this week! At the same time also exceeded the total score of "Yu Qingping 2" in second, from the "luffi520" only 1 pen, exciting stimulus


"luffi520" three consecutive weeks of strong performance, 7 transactions this week, the monthly Wang really is not covered, the total score is still commanding the audience. Other players, the ranking is relatively backward, do not lose heart, "leap forward progress award" competition is still an opportunity. "A23379746" this week has produced a single day of 3 good results, after only scored 1 pen. In addition, Taobao customers "guqiuming001" and "8 ruthless", respectively, won the highest Commission this week 259.8 yuan

can be seen by all promotion results, when the season zern hot models is the main transaction in the. While zern winter high help new Vikings [] in the recent series of all listed contestants pay attention to adjust the strategy of


"2011CEEN · zern; world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition" first month award results are as follows:

top three: luffi520 (13 pens) prizes: 300 yuan +CEEN, baby hair leather shoes, a pair of

Yu Qingping (9 pens) prize: 200 yuan

Taobao League VIP media (9 pens) prize: 200 yuan

winners, please contact QQ1597389813 at any time to contact us for awards,

[Mr. policy] has something to say,

(invited our professional judge, Mr. policy, comments).

)Remember last week I talked about

zern shoes Taobao customers will appear "Matthew effect", this week we can search for the next "zern zern zern, leather shoes, leather shoes Guangzhou store" and other words, you can see a lot of zern Taobao station or the Taobao show the guest in the use of various platform to promote their own Taobao station, many just try the webmaster idea made a zern Tao station, then slowly found zern is a big, strong, began to register a lot about the domain name to zern, later built for a continuous policy en > Taobao

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