Use the importance of soft text promotion and good soft Wen writing skills

is now generally do network promotion are on "these two words," not strange, but many people do not know how to write, and soft, what can bring much benefits, only know the soft to the original, can do the chain. In fact, not only the function of the chain, there are many problems encountered when do network promotion need to solve the soft, so soft, not a single chain function, but also is very powerful, so I suggest that you can write more soft, to their own network promotion work to reduce the burden, but also do network promotion is actually a which can be in any place to do the work, as long as have a computer and electrical network, and can work in where you want to be, so to learn the soft skills of the most powerful network promotion will give your work to bring greater benefits, I detail about soft Wen has what kind of function.

a, soft effect and function

, everyone knows that we can get the chain, and the chain of high quality has a great chance, and the promotion of the time dependence can be extended to soft, so soft, powerful, general soft can be used in the following circumstances:

1, the outer chain

soft Wen promotion is a high quality of the chain, and if someone on the network reproduced, your information will also be posted, so some time to write a soft Wen can bring huge gains, I wrote an article before, after a week, surprised to find my chain increased more than 50, and within a week oh, faster than the post effect, and can save ourselves a lot of time to solve their own strength, so do a job you can bring great benefits, this is the soft first advantage, but here to explain is that although you write a soft, but it is best to send post, can be less a day about 10 can be, don’t throw the weight of post, sometimes the post is still relatively high, so that the post to Some search engine partners BBS, or stick it, say, post, the effect is obvious oh.

2, snapshot closer to


sometimes our website does not move, stay in a day, this time that the spider (search engine robots) not to crawl your site, so your information will not be updated, and your ranking will not come forward, and the ranking of the best way is to update every day in front of the snapshot. So the premise to update every day snapshot not just updated daily articles, and also write some high quality soft, and then guide the spider crawling on your site, so the snapshot will slowly close, in fact, is also a snapshot of the narrow probability, not a success, so I suggest writing more. This snapshot of your website will be updated every day, this is the best way, with a soft lead spider on its website crawling, but remember, Wen is also the need to click on the amount Improve the weight of your soft Wen weight increased, your content weight will also be >

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