Only 5 days through the record review

always hear some webmaster friends complain about the record speed is very slow, for a long time, I actually 04 years from now in each domain to record, can be passed, the longest no more than 1 months, the shortest is even 5 days, (Yantai plant network) this one week, except the weekend the 2 day communication bureau does not work, you will have 5 days off the record, in that some feelings under their own right, also dare not say the experience, you just take a look at it.

net friend than ox head published article: personal experience, how to let the record fast review through


article from:

method 1: spend

this I think completely unnecessary, and their own filing is no problem, the following I will say their own practice,

method two: space providers can help with

This method can also be

, taking a little faster record speed is possible, but it is a big space, a lot of small business space speed is very slow, some friends for slow, one reason is that the space business, those slow

access point audit

the third remaining method is to go to the record, I have never played any calls, and there is no need

some advice: first you fill out the registration information should be true, and be specific, (Yantai plant network) my name is about 3 weeks of filing, on Friday when it is informed that the mailbox failed to record, modify, look up, is to address the specific

Now the

address should be specific to a village in a room *, fill in the more specific the better, I on Friday revised on Monday through the examination, removed 2 days over the weekend, there are 5 days for Lu ICP No. 08016152, you see is just for


there is a note that access to this project, it must be clear, taking some of what you buy, is not the end of the service access provider, we do not fill in, be sure to ask your business space, access to business service provided is what the company’s

these 2 content must not be wrong, and the other is to be detailed, true, do not make a false name and ID number are not on, so that the filing is also very likely slow!

! (Yantai plant network) is a new station, and hope to plant links to friends. Contact qq13039187, contact website more than 4 years, but have no time to really do a station, real learning, I hope the master more pointing,


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