When brothers make friends take care of me as a warning

wrote this article, I still feel a little unhappy. I should write it down, and write down some unhappy things I’ve had in the last two months.

the first thing: to help people change procedures, and finally malicious attack!


  话说当时帮另一个位站长用龙搜的程序按他的意思改了一套网址站,可以说程序除后台相似外其他都改过了,至少30%为原创.增了不少功能.事后,落伍上有人想买这一套程序,100元,钱是分2次付的.总觉得收了人家钱,就要为人家服好务.现在他要改什么我都一定会抽时间来给他做. 前前后后算在一起一共按他的要求改过3-5次…耗时3天…在这期间绝对是有求必应.朋友们,就为了这100块钱..后来,我又在落伍上发贴卖80/套.他找到我说你卖给我100,怎么现在卖80,就要找我退钱,我问他:"你在商场买衣服100,第二天别人打折卖80你也要找人家退吗?"..他说:"是".我无语. Then the boy behind the times. To find a set of QQ123.CC program said that as long as 50 yuan, I said to him to not let me back, he bought his 50 QQ123.CC… For such a person, I don’t need this with him anymore… Maybe have a relationship with outdated webmaster account, to the closure. The closure is closed… Most according to his words, I mixed in behind. Do not mix will not get out, anyway, now just a fun chat room yesterday. A friend suddenly said to me, " what some people call you behind you? In Baidu search your QQ:4686679". What results, we can see in Baidu search 4686679. Through this thing, to understand a truth " rather offended gentleman, not offend curs ".. after you see a behind is called a " zkzl822" you want to buy things, take care of yourself a little You’d better send it to him. He is sure to call you "big brother". Otherwise, you are a liar…

second: sell the human relationship, and finally come to a " personality problems, "

I also started to do the site when the procedure is developed. Do not know how to meet someone… Asked me how many IP, I said to do 500IP, then ask me to program is not imitation GJJ, I said that their own development, the next is to show off their tens of thousands of traffic… We say cooperation, help me with the flow but let me send a program to him. I certainly don’t want to say this, I mean, stingy.. and you can imagine such a person, why come in contact with you, although I also began to think this people do not have the heart, chat >

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