Specialization is the focus of the webmaster’s long term plans

The popularity of

networks and the ease of plagiarism determine that competition in the network is even more brutal than in reality, especially for individual owners. A website, if people feel good, spend two dollars on the Internet to find a copy of the person, in addition to signs, where do not have to change. And now the full program (CMS) is everywhere, adding weight to the site’s replicability. If a station wants to develop for a long time, it must start with details and be professional. As the saying goes, "a man who wants to succeed must do what others do not want to do, or what others cannot do.". To make it difficult for others to copy you, you have to be professional.

mode of operation specialization

once wrote an article "webmaster want to change the fate to learn how to change the operation mode, the operation mode of the importance of" mentioned in, a station core includes two aspects. One is the core technology of the site itself, there is the mode of operation, some station operation mode can be seen at a glance, too obviously, such as getting traffic to sell advertising, generally a lot of friends of the garbage station adopts this kind of pattern is a pattern of selling products. Simple models often bring us interests in a certain period of time, due to the factors of attitude, so it will not be a permanent solution, which is why venture capitalists do first to understand why a commercial plan before investment.

Specialization of content on

web site

is currently in the network content repetition 80% exists, because many stations are from other places to collect and extract information, a web portal will have hundreds of thousands of small sites to extract content, these content is helpful for the website, but the content of extract and search engine optimization will not play well the effect of.

An important factor in the

content of the professional and timely update the website is professional, let visitors know to the forefront of practical information will increase the approval of others, often on your site to understand the relevant information and knowledge, once the visitor on the station’s recognition to a certain extent, will be your faithful advocate, want to let him change the website to browse is very difficult.

user experience specialization

has a good user experience of the site will increase customer confidence, a more beautiful page, easy to operate the site is all people like. Increasing user experience will become increasingly important as search engines have now been ranked as one of the ranking factors.

If the

website wants to develop for a long time, it must have its own unique thing, and it is not easy to be copied by others. Your success will depend on this, in the face of increasingly fierce competition today, the webmaster if you want to long-term development, specialization is the only way.

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