Writing class webmaster era has arrived


SEO process is plainly a process of updating the content of a web site regularly. Whether it’s any type of website,

rich website content is a must. The only way to enrich the content of the web is to write it on the web. There are three main ways to add website articles,

one. Original article, for website optimization, this way is the best effect.

two. Pseudo original article, pseudo original is divided into artificial pseudo original and tools, pseudo original two ways. Artificial pseudo original is the manual manual changes to the order of the article, or take more articles combination as a way. Tool pseudo original refers to the use of some tools for automatic pseudo original article. False original quality, artificial pseudo original article quality than the tool pseudo original high. Through the tool pseudo original articles, it is likely to appear articles, paragraphs wrong, the article impassability and so on. Pseudo original is also the majority of the webmaster to increase the content of the site,

three. Reprint articles, reprinted articles are reproduced some of the others write better with the type of site related articles, these articles are generally people through others published search engines have included or some large site published articles.

this kind of article can only be used to increase the amount of Web site articles, if it is news type articles, it is possible to bring a few IP for their website.

with the search engine has become more and more attention to the user experience and increase duplication of content detection efforts, tools pseudo original article readability is not strong, the first to be filtered out. Reprinted articles, because not a site reproduced, a large number of websites reprinted the same article, search engines may think that the content repeated and delete part. Most personal websites, especially new sites, because of the weight problem, have become search engines to delete duplicate content first of all websites. Perhaps today included reprinted articles, in a few days disappeared without a trace. This is the reason that a lot of websites included before the moment drops. A variety of factors, so that the majority of webmaster had to spend the idea of writing original articles. So what are the advantages of the original writing site,


advantage: the article does not exist, the same topic, different people can’t write articles to write perfectness. The search engine does not judge whether the article is repeated by the title of the article, but analyzes it according to the content of the article. So there’s no need to worry about being deleted as repetitive articles. Talking about here, have to mention, many webmaster may have found a phenomenon, his hard writing original article, by other sites collected in the past, other people’s articles included. But he did not included, and there is a case of their own articles included, others to collect, but after a few days, other people’s Web site is still, but his article really search. This situation is really a shock, especially the new station webmaster, in fact, this need not worry too much, this is just search engine, your article to the database for sure. Once your site is identified >

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