A brief discussion on the process of doing detective business in China

In March 8, 2008

, an unusual day, entrepreneurial detective agency appeared, the entrepreneurial detective agency was born, the Internet was a part of the ocean, and the Internet to add a wonderful, although the entrepreneurial detective agency now is still in its infancy, but also very weak, but it had poor flow, do a long fight to hold not to play a world not to give up the spirit, he insisted in the end.

entrepreneurial detective agency was born, which is full of the bitterness of the webmaster sweat. 2 Haohan as a wholly owned investment and entrepreneurship detective agency managers and editor of technology and art, it is more than one job. Who can know a few months ago, he still does not understand the station gate? If you called the webmaster do stand, I prefer to think of myself as an entrepreneur’s role, because I was in the business, do stand is only entrepreneurial projects. Once I was confused, pain, decadent. Since 06 years after graduation, has been at home not out of the outside, in this period, I miss the days when reading light of heart from care, happy moments, but as their true left school, found that 360° will turn the change. In 06 years ago, rarely contact the computer I, after going home to have a computer of their own, this is my true sense of contact with the computer, and then a word should be more than 20 seconds, slow,


my confusion: after graduation, no work, no money, every day just to the computer, simply can not do anything else, I do not know what to do;

my pain: the nagging of my family, I want to change the situation, but I can’t help it. I can only get bored day after day.

: This is the most decadent I regret, because I use 1 and a half years of youth buried in the network game price in exchange for an awakening: playing online games will only be a waste of time wasting money will not have real feelings, their own entertainment, any anesthesia in game indulgence behavior is wrong.

my change: here, first of all thanks to the webmaster network, it changed me, is "seduce", I entered the station. Because I am in the second half of the year 07 began to awaken: I’m not so decadent down, I have no ideal, I have not reached the goal, did not work, I own my own business, change their own destiny. So every day on the Internet looking for projects, looking for business information, combined with the heread project, thought idea, day and night in search of a search…… (omitted 200 words) I found the L Adsense nets, I know there are people to do station ranks (before I always thought the company website is to do), I discovered a new continent, the sky suddenly felt a lot of cheerful, I decided to do: station as a starting point for my business. But I don’t understand the technology, so again search ah search, every day pay attention to webmaster nets each master article…… (omit about 200 words.)

went through my day and night, in March 2008

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