How much do you know about optimizing minefields in the station

believes that many webmaster have browsed on website optimization misunderstandings of information, ask a few people in the early stages of establishment of them that can not touch the minefield to record it, probably after the site built and has been in operation for a long time, suddenly found that we also optimize the "" in the minefield. The author of your doing GUI door website optimization process found within the site optimization "minefield", I hope you can help, for these people to avoid misunderstanding.

I took over the gate GUI animation training site, first check the chain, the site within the chain, the quality of website content website internal details, although before know some knowledge about internal site optimization, when I put the knowledge used to know all the original half to their most simple practice, such as the H1 tag say, really ashamed! The station optimization includes many details, we discussed one by one.

The use of

1 and H1 tags. The H1 tag is emphasize the role of the label to one, when the spider visits your site is equivalent to directly tell it which is the most important, which determines the strict requirements of the position and number of H1 tags on a page and placed in the. The routine, H1 tags are placed on the web or logo is close to the body part of the code can be, but the number of H1 tags have strict requirements on a web page, a maximum of two H1 tags, is generally a, too much will make the spider confuse what is the most important, so that the spiders crawl when judge this site internal chaos by cheating punishment. In fact, many stations have this problem, in order to highlight the key words in the program code in all parts with H1 tags, ranking rose rapidly in a short time, but it was soon have serious flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, punishment.

two, keyword accumulation is serious. This situation exists in enterprises, some enterprises in order to highlight their own products at the enterprise product names are all included in the keyword ranks, even can think of adding, actually this kind of practice is obviously the most disgusting search engine, the same product category need not listed in the home can be unified to a key part. The class is not only simple but are not considered to be piled up, Why not?? many in the early stages and did not realize the seriousness of the matter, and other sites have a certain ranking but always in circles to find the problem, then modify the keyword is very unfavorable for the website, may the search engine is serious drop right, so that the idea should be these problems early in the site, so as to avoid future trouble.

three, website content is copy, paste, quality is unqualified. After many webmaster in site built, began to collect a large number of online content to enrich website content, the articles on the Internet directly copy and paste the middle with a few key words into their own articles, although the website will soon be included, but when a big update, your site may be dangerous will be.

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