Editor from small to CEO Zhang Rui site do not burn money

in the Internet this circle, do not burn money seems to be abnormal, and Zhang Rui is an exception. Founded so far, "bear online" did not accept large-scale financing, only a few friends familiar with the sponsorship, in the eyes of Zhang Rui, money is not the most important, the key is to sink the heart to do things.

from edit to ceo


went into business, Zhang Rui was an editor of the computer world.

1996, learn the missile Zhang Rui after graduation from the University, to the "computer world", then, is the "golden age" of the computer world, no influence in the Internet circle can be and, while Zhang Rui is responsible for the Zhongguancun market this day, fighting on the frontier".

"at that time, our work pressure, to do 20 tablets a week, light is soliciting had 40, 50 words, referring to see the dizzy."

because it is weekly, the timeliness is slow, Zhang Rui put some content on the Internet in advance. At that time domain and space are given, and the condition of the Internet and newspaper is good, Zhang Rui began to carefully cultivate this plot, it should be said that the predecessor is "bear online".

by the summer of 1998, bear online access has reached more than 2000 passengers a day, ranking in the top ten in the NetEase’s personal website rankings. Under the support of a group of regular readers, the website grows day by day, and the updated content gradually grows from hundreds of words per day to thousands of words per day. For the first time, the number of visits exceeds 10 thousand people per day. By 1999, the prospects for the site were gradually clear, Zhang Rui left the newspaper, went to the sea to start the company, it is to "bear online" to righting the.

just started, the website has 3, 4 people, besides Zhang Rui, everybody is part-time job, Zhang Rui tells them to arrive here without salary, to now these people still are still in. There are also advertisers who have been their clients since the beginning. Zhang Rui said, like this customer about 5 or 6, the website to their prices have not changed, or the original price.


bear online profit pattern has not changed, still mainly rely on advertising revenue, but the content is constantly changing, "first, the content of the website is relatively simple, Zhongguancun computer accessories market, now, we in addition to market, also do the evaluation. What new digital products have been launched, we will do the evaluation as soon as possible and put the results on the internet."

in 2002, began to try to bear online e-commerce, electronic mall, last year’s turnover has reached 20 million, from the beginning of 2004 they were still open to all over the country station, now the country has 16 branches, in addition, they are also often held on campus activities, "small bear online users are basically professionals to students mainly, although students’ consumption ability is limited, but the consumption potential is infinite, so we think highly of campus activities, from 2001 to now, has always insisted,"

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