Cognition consideration and action model in user operation

in a class to do for a long time, has written a thousand words, well-read feeling. But the written Castle sell, always thinking about what to write some experience for the new reference. Think well, really written, stretched.

user operations are divided into two parts from the service target user point of view: commercial user operations (or customer operations) and product user operations. Business operators for user sales team support role: Sales settled the list, according to the stipulations of the contract should have action on your products, this is generally the main line to do the operation, coordination of products and technology, all around clients. When the user hard color and copy when you began, "wise", in the "user centric" is not the whole network popularization of traditional businesses, want to rely on their own efforts to persuade the customer is tantamount to throwing, spend less work more seriously. So business in my senses "lifeless". The user operation is not the same, "trial and error" that is free and unrestrained, can even act. But product user operations are more complex than business users. After all, there are fewer business users, and 1 to 1 services are entirely viable. In the face of massive product users, we need to find individuality in the common, and provide segmentation services. Especially in the operation of the leading product organization system, "the user is the mother" really fell to the point, you really have to spend some thought, a little intelligence.

one of my classmates asked me in WeChat: Han Li, is there a user operation method, can not go wrong. I said no, and if so, wouldn’t everyone be an operation manager?.

", but this The tune lingered in the room. keep me awake at night:" since there is no universal operation signs, there is not a method can reduce the probability of wrong? ", also have to start from the users themselves. Operation of the product users, most desire is to allow the user to follow our anticipated product process to finish a visit, and then return visit bursts". This has returned to the "user centric" concept. So, I think of user behavior (psychological behavior + website action). If we control the majority of users of Internet behavior, it seems to be able to avoid detours, to our KPI blocks,


mentioned the user behavior, we naturally think of you "for having heard it many times the Buyer Decision Process Model" (topic: a few years ago, I have been on the theory that it is a contemptuous disregard, free thinker chaos right summary, nearly two years suddenly found that I was wrong, one of the major benefits of classical theory is to guide the understanding and use of the people bring benefit to the enterprise).


, a stimulus response rule that was based on the needs of early marketing organizations and developed in order to develop effective marketing strategies and improve transaction rates, explains the model with specific examples:

North drift life.

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