Come on look at the muffled QQ space Certification space open platform


when everyone is talking about how to use the Internet social platform nuggets, the focus of the media more betting on WeChat and micro-blog, rarely see the attention of QQ space. As one of China’s largest social platforms, rarely seen commercial reports, can only say that Tencent is too low-key, busy in front of counting money. According to my observation, since the establishment of QQ space QQ space open platform all the way to make over to micro-blog; trying to explore the business model, the QQ space has already through the authentication space (application authentication, business or website authentication) open platform "quietly started a social business model, many business buddies especially in electricity industry instantly gain popularity even get millions of millions of revenue. Here’s how entrepreneurs who take root in QQ space work:

one, electricity supplier shopping guide class

Tencent certification space, there are many successful electricity supplier shopping guide cases, such as "beautiful", "" and "joy Amoy.". To joy Amoy, for example, in 2012, double eleven day, happy Amoy to Taobao to bring 30 million of turnover, conservative estimate of its day Commission at least three million. So, how did joy Amoy do it,


1, profitability: from traffic to profitability, a hundred hard Internet classic model. The first is to obtain traffic, similar to its shopping guide platform, joy Amoy mainly through social platforms for the main station with traffic. These traffic users are potential consumer groups, and can bring revenue to them. The second is the main station building, the user reaches the master will find joy Amoy, the home of the six major categories: clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, beauty, Home Furnishing, in addition to edit every day will recommend ten hot commodity, the second page is shipping 9.9 recommendation. Finally, through the realization of Taobao, the user once bought its recommended goods, in Taobao after the transaction, you will get the appropriate commission.

2, promotion: closed loop marketing plus QQ relationship chain, virus transmission, wide access to low-cost access to new users. Happy Amoy specific marketing methods are: Master third page is free auction, the user has virtual gold coins to guess the price of a commodity, guess the most standard can get the goods. When the virtual coins run out want to continue to play, need to invite QQ friends to get gold, rather than rational users will naturally pull more friends come to play, which gained great popularity in the joy of Amoy QQ space, space fans certification straight up. Happy Amoy used to promote a product is very cheap, are Shijisanshiji gadgets, so far only use one hundred and ten thousand promotion fee. And do not need their own inventory, directly under Taobao orders to users.

in addition, joy Amoy almost miss any opportunity to enter a social platform, and its most important is its own official certification space. Happy Amoy also through the wide point of delivery, access to target fans (currently nearly 6 million fans), and then provide good quality within space

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