The news website Atavist revived the long story in the new media age

[Abstract] Unlike other media features, Atavist’s articles come with relevant video, audio, and pictures. Such choreography can effectively avoid lengthy stories that are easily distracted.


Tencent technology Liu Yalan reported February 11th


Short Message you used to read "Duanpingkuai", produced 2000 news reports writing machine shock at the The Associated Press per second, The Atavist is trying to reverse the age of the Internet "fast food news" situation.

The Atavist means "person or thing" has atavism, intended to highlight the long neglected by the news by name, but will eventually reproduce and received attention. Around this core, Atavist has launched two major businesses.

‘s first business is Atavist. On, 5000 to 30000 words of original length are published every month. Readers can subscribe to these articles by moving app or other retail channels. However, unlike other media, the articles here are related to video, audio, and pictures. Such choreography can effectively avoid lengthy stories that are easily distracted. With the occasional video and audio, the whole reading process is interesting, and these multimedia are closely related to the article, and will not lead to excessive attention transfer.

Atavist articles, stores, home pages and menus are alike. Subscribing users buy articles just like buying e-books. The cost of each work is $3.99. Enter your interest in the article page, you can see the one or two story outline and the author, but also a part of the probation. In addition to a single purchase, the reader can also choose a $24.99 annual membership or $7.99 quarterly membership.

The second major business of

The Atavist is the multimedia news editing technology platform Creatavist, and all articles published on Atavist are edited on Creatavist. On this platform, users can design a combination of text, pictures, audio, video, and layout according to the characteristics of the web page and mobile terminal. In the beginning, Atavist used American contributors to collect topics and articles and to publish lengthy stories on the platform. By 2011, Atavist sold Creatavist to help enterprise clients publish content for mobile phones and other readers. The Wall Street journal is one of their clients. In 2013, Creatavist officially opened to the public, people free registration accounts, you can issue a free, and then you need to pay a monthly fee of $10. Recently, The Atavist sold Creatavist to a number of small publishers, too

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