Chinese characteristics in SNS Social Game

recently read a lot of friends articles, mentioned the current domestic SNS some problems, perhaps the most important thing is about the current domestic SNS a common phenomenon, Social Game hot. Many people think that Social Game on the SNS fiery is a bad reflection, or that once again let us use askew. Here I would like to think about myself during this period of time, put forward my point of view and understanding, and hope to talk to friends who like SNS products.

from the perspective of the product, any product and service is the most important, that is what the user needs love, what we should provide what kind of function, at the same time, we also need to make these functions and products can be assisted in the operation and profit, such products have value. If you agree with this, then I think Social Game can be understood as a Chinese characteristic of the SNS website products, which is also estimated SNS products localization features of china.

Is there any value in

Game, a Social based SNS


this is a lot of people have not been recognized, if a SNS site to pay too much attention to Social Game, then the latter may be a problem, and that this development prospects SNS must not do too much. I don’t agree with this point, I think for SNS, the value of the first and the most important is the site itself generated by the SNS model based on the user network, if the network of a user on the site is large enough, then his relationship is deep enough, also for the website of the sincere would be much higher. But after building a large enough relationship, users need a catalytic product or function to assist, so Social Game makes up for this to some extent.


site is now mostly with Social catalyzed by Game user registration and build relationships, and then continue to introduce Social Game to meet the enthusiasm of users, this approach is not desirable, but I don’t think the most important thing is not this way, but in the birth of users to establish a relationship should begin to look for a new value otherwise, it is easy to become Social Game, also Social Game. Real users need not necessarily play Social Game constantly, and rely on Social Game to pull SNS website product operation is understandable.

Is there any value for

two and SNS?


, there was an article on the four most vulnerable Internet websites, and SNS ranks among them. I personally hold my opinion on this point. First of all, I think SNS must be valuable and he has high value. If a SNS is well developed, the vast network of user relationships based on its own web site will be non – >

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