Really do stand safe heart man

I have mentioned before, I am a happy rookie. Since the station, I don’t know how to make money. It’s been a long time. The website is so stupid that I can’t even apply the GG advertisement. Site traffic low death, half a day to more than 200 points (Laoniao flow table I) depressed ah.

slowly know know more veterans, they say the establishment early are now brush their stand rankings and flow slowly, recommend a cheap available brush flow software, energy-saving. I also reported to try the mood, with the use of. Traffic is up, but what’s the use, I now do not understand that Laoniao help study, does work flow. 200-300. used to be the highest after 4800

With the

software +9V advertising advertising sardine finally to more than 7, the other to the unfortunate. 9V finally himself emailed me, "congratulations on your account is frozen, depressed ah. Why is it so hard to make money online? ~~~

I decided not to do any cheating to feel at ease, stand, learn from the station to experience the lessons learned, I believe that one day will be able to harvest. The payoff always pays. Hope to have a lot of knowledge of the master rookie QQ:1524005 now had a CEA collection system user station.

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