B2B who has been doing 2B things all the time why not fire up to this day

At the seventh annual meeting of

in Guangzhou in August 29, 2015, Liu Ningbo, founder of the Tobey network, delivered a keynote speech entitled "B2B: new opportunities for the Internet."". In his speech, Liu Ningbo answered the seven industry and investors are generally concerned about the history, current status and future prospects of the relationship between 2.B2B and 1.B2B; B2C; 3.B2B have much market space; why 4.B2B today just fire up? 5.B2B fire up the business logic and business driving force; 6, at this stage of the B2B what are the new business opportunities; 7.B2C people should be more involved in the transformation and construction of B2B.

below is the full text of the speech

Hello everyone, I’m Tobey, founder of Liu Ningbo network, and we should be able to notice the domain name of Tobey net, 2B.CN. 2B is not so pleasant, but B2B people often use it to make fun of themselves. We have been doing the 2B thing, the electricity supplier in hard work, hard work, commonly known as "shadaheicu". Just a few days ago a big beautiful logistics business said to me: the day before sitting in the office of the white-collar Jinling, not think that one day will go to the logistics center every day, and logistics workers deal? Is an acre of land, with a word called "field", and farmers and every day the vendors are dealing with. So hard, 2B has not been the industry’s attention, B2B where there is what observers, what from the media ah. 2B people are ignored, neglected, but I was doing a cow B dream, hoping one day will be the industry have, by investors concerned.

, let’s look at the data,

According to Tobey

net financing database, before 2014 B2B financing of less than 10 per year, 2014 is 16, and half a year since 2015 has been 68, the total distribution in 14 industries. There are 12 listed companies involved in the financing of B2B venture projects, while agriculture and forestry, nursery stock (mainly agriculture), logistics, freight forwarding, steel, chemical industry is the industry with the most investment.


, let’s see how investors evaluate B2B tuyere

IDG Xiong Xiaoge believe that the next generation of BAT will be produced in the field of B2B, using the BAT standard in the future B2B industry giant, his colleague Niu Kuiguang pointed out the difference between B2B and B2C, said B2B is "striking" rhythm. Chinese left Lingye Jingwei said B2B has ranked in the top three domestic VC investment, the northern lights Zhang Peng believes that the mobile Internet has brought new opportunities for B2B. We know that investment is the industry leader, the business model can be established to boost investment, through subsidies and education practitioners, the investment project will be a chance to get the media exposure, you can also find a more suitable talents than entrepreneurs in strong.


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