60th anniversary let the enthusiasm of the people eruption so that your site traffic surge

National Day is coming, and this is our country set up 60 years in Daqing, it is clear that this day will more fascinated people, also can arouse people’s enthusiasm, do not you see now are covered with the flag high streets and back lanes? Even the shuttle back and forth in the car on the highway are hung a small flag, first we don’t talk about the inside of the business, but the enthusiasm of Chinese people is concerned, we should also do some small webmaster what? Although we have no money, but we have the energy, enthusiasm, we have our own beloved station, we let the enthusiasm spread on the Internet. Let him continue until the National Day

reached a climax!

said so much, then how should we use the national day to get a lot of traffic, in fact, people should have found the secret, as long as we can produce a thing, let everyone’s enthusiasm can be released, the enthusiasm can be spread, that our website traffic will go into the geometric series turn! What this thing is what? What can undertake this task? This is a Different people, different views. problems, different people will have different opinions, which rely on everyone to consider, the more unique, more innovative and better, the owners only own method to share look, hoping you have more and better methods can be added in the back of the

in the comments!I

this method is not innovation, but is now testing for the most effective, so that everyone can take the initiative to spread for you, this is in recent years popular music works, as a National Day 60th anniversary blessing page with a beautifully crafted picture works, this page can enter their name any blessing you want to display, you can also enter the name of the person you want to send, and then generate only one of their own personality with the blessing of the page, the website backstage will automatically copy the personalized page address, so you only need the personalized page by QQ, MSN, Fetion chat or e-mail and other communication tools to you my friend, your friends see then will be automatically forwarded to other friends, so as to achieve a ten, ten hundred, hundred thousand thousand million pass, if there is effect! Friends do not understand, you can refer to a picture of webmaster has already done the National Day 60th anniversary fine blessing page: http://s.mfdh8.cn/guoqing2009/, although it is 10 days before the national day, but the traffic has been over a hundred, if this continues, the webmaster was to worry about whether the National Day virtual space can bear so many enthusiastic friends crazy forwarding


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