Webmaster are you the same lonely and indifferent

in the current era of this network of popular, the station has become the most fashionable online fishing gold. More than ten hours a day in front of the computer, even if 12 points before sleep at night, you will feel sorry for this title webmaster feel shy. In the endless weaving of their own distant and beautiful dream. Network, or webmaster worth mentioning, is only the shortcut to that dream, at least not yet out of the webmaster is so think. But the stationmaster is lonely and indifferent, and even his lover can not understand, support, and roughly sum up a few points.

in understanding their emotions,

"on the Internet, no one knows who you really are". Young people in the online "loss of identity", so that they feel free, free online network, mutual attack and abuse, not bound to "love", "marriage", a large number of pornographic stimulation are easy to make their understanding of emotional dislocation, can also cause severe mood disorders.

in controlling self emotion,

The main drawbacks of

are Internet addiction, emotional apathy and Internet violence. After the Internet addiction and enjoy the spirit of extreme excitement, long time use of the Internet, the Internet behavior can not be made, and often have anxiety, depression, interpersonal indifference, mood swings, irritability and other phenomena. Some Internet fingers will not stop motion, severe systemic chattering and spasm, crash artifacts. Some people are so bogged down that they can’t help themselves and even take self harm and suicide. Emotional apathy is manifested in the lack of emotional response to external stimuli, cold relatives and friends, lost interest in the surrounding things, facial expression is rigid, lack of inner experience, serious indifference to everything. And online violence advocates are attracted to the values of violence or force to solve problems in their daily lives. They believe that violence is not illegal, even advocating violence.

network caused by teenagers’ perception of the emotions of others, 31.4% of teenagers don’t think "when chatting on the Internet, lying is immoral", there are 37.4% young people think "on the Internet, swearing not what the big deal", 24.9% of people think that "on the Internet, what can be done with impunity". A lot of people will be trained in the network of self indulgence, indulgence, lying, irresponsible, unruly and other habits, but also applied to the real world. In cognition, a serious problem is the blind worship of "knowledge hero". It is considered that personal accomplishment is of no importance, so long as we learn it well, we can take it all over the world.

in self motivation,

solving online game problems can bring teenagers a sense of achievement, these are conducive to young people to develop self-confidence, optimistic, open-minded feelings. However, the challenge of the network is unlimited, online can not solve all the problems, each online game mostly failed. Repeated setbacks can also cause many teenagers to become pessimistic, depressed, negative, even decadent, depressed and hopeless. A lot of people have this kind of negative grief

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