Make your site atmosphere Yunyong soft Wen promotion example

novice webmaster, read a lot about web promotion articles, contact some soft text. Feel this soft rampant in today can’t write, is not! So I wrote a master hand’s first small display, get here to let everyone see how good! Give opinions and methods of writing promotion.

met my mother next door today, accompanied by her Aunt Wang, the son who skipped school for seven days last week, carrying a drawing board on his back. Wang said to us, "my son has begun to do art at last!". I heard this sentence, suddenly a heart tangled! Aunt Wang son, I met, and now high school. A high when he was expelled from school for over three times, is Aunt Wang to the school with the principal director of appeal for mercy to cry to continue reading. Aunt Wang felt his grades were bad, so he led him to a famous professor to study painting. But Wang son always in the studio always make trouble, not a few days, the professor can not stand, and with Aunt Wang said his son is not suitable for painting. Wang aunt did not give up, and the trustee found a studio, so only the beginning of the article scene.

I feel like playing art, how to move up the art school? It is to give the children to cultivate interest, improve the cultivation of art? Some children he is not good this thing ah!

‘s parents are also Aiko ah, for the children are ready to sacrifice what. Art is not expensive? Never mind! A pension, the coffin out to let the children learn to learn! Also can casually learn, but also to Beijing, find a famous professor! Take three months salary for children a month tuition expense! All in all that is, money is a bottomless pit I hit you! To fill you


exam fee: art go " shortcut " college! With you an account of parents this matter, they expect the child have a good future. Children should make efforts to shoulder responsibility, right? But the children after all! Have weak self-control, extremely lonely thousands of miles away in painting, how can parents be assured? Is self-control enough of the child’s safety, the body also wants people to take care of you?! well, parents go! The light is not enough to learn to accompany also, peikao! This year the first

don’t work!

the least tired estimate is to accompany the child exam! Ordinary children go to school, do not have time to go out to travel. This was when traveling! What Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou Wuhan, Tianjin Shenyang, etc., each big city can turn over and over! Efficiency is high, 30 days will be able to test 40 school! Is a little tired of the back and forth to panic, a bit tired for queuing through the night, the crowds have some dull, child exam guy carrying too much heavy so… This is not a thing! For the children, the value of


professional grades came out, good luck and happy; bad luck again next year, the art students in a widely circulated saying: no four life is not complete! We are engaged in art ah, I is this "shortcut" ah! How could you do it. I also know? "

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