Ann father Andy Rubin is back this time he wants to kill iPhone and AndroidEt display pop up ads

Lubin didn’t stop. More precisely, he would not stop. When you ask people, everyone’s views are striking: "Lubin, he sees the future, and he won’t sit down and wait for the future.". In the past few years, he saw an apple, shlf1314 and other companies work hard, build walled garden, want to rule the world; and Lubin think that there is no future stem. Lubin is convinced that the open platform is the ultimate winner.

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2014, Andy · Lubin Andy Rubin left shlf1314, he is not ready to retire. In fact, he can retire: before then, Lubin’s career was quite successful. He developed some of the most innovative products in the technology industry, with the wealth and prestige that other people could not have. Previously, Lubin worked as an engineer at General Magic, a subsidiary of apple, where Lubin developed the first batch of networked portable devices. Later, he became Danger’s CEO, developed the smart phone Sidekick, which is a definition of the product category of mobile phones, when the concept of smart phones have not yet appeared. Later, Lubin developed Android, now has more than 2 billion of the world’s mobile phones, televisions, cars, watches, using the Android system.

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editor’s note: in the mobile revolution, Andy · Lubin contributed only a little bit less than Jobs. After leaving shlf1314, Andy · Lubin can retire and enjoy life. He didn’t stop, he wanted to build a bigger platform than Android. Where did you start? The cell phone, and a modular titanium phone. In addition, he wants to build a platform to integrate smart home devices. Can he succeed? Wired magazine reporter David Pierce recently talked about Lubin’s new plan, let’s dig into it.

, at first, the plan was not like this. Lubin worked for Android for 10 years, and he spent several years managing the shlf1314 robotics project. Not long after leaving shlf1314, Lubin was planning the next step. One night, he and his wife to drink to eat dinner, Lubin asked his wife: "how can I over Android? What should develop some things, let it grow up and become bigger than Android?" the wife replied.

that’s why Lubin came back. Now he is Essential Products of CEO, and since he developed Android, this is the first time he has set up a new company. Lubin’s dream is very ambitious, he will become the Essential after Apple’s best equipment manufacturer, he wanted to create an open platform, spread, provide drive system for the intelligent mobile phone, billions of watches, bulb, oven, let them of things.

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