Day for shlf1314 AdsenseFab CEO the 90 things was taught when started four companies

This paper consists of

was honored that I saw the blog spread like a virus, translated into many languages and inspired many entrepreneurs.

start 90 things,

Jason Goldberg is the CEO of the design flash purchase site Fab. This article comes from his personal blog Betashop. In June 2011, the Fab product line was formally launched. Within 12 days, Fab’s sales reached $600 thousand. Outstanding results brought $8 million in A round of financing. In November, Fab users exceeded 1 million mark. In December, Fab conducted a $40 million B round of financing, valued at $200 million.

in October 27, 2010, I wrote a blog titled "57 lessons I’ve learned from starting three technology companies."".

!Here comes the

shlf1314 Adsense stationed in the Chinese market for three years, its high cost performance, in the station quite prestigious, advertising alliance is the best choice. Mainland China does not know how many webmaster in GG ad service, with the author of a friend’s words: "we are working for GG."".

yes, we do work for GG, GG ad originally wanted to work for themselves, and in the end is still working for others, just like the next restaurant, but this time is a buffet. If you are at home every day is full, if you are using the spare time that I was shlf1314 Adsense part-time, part-time, a hard, and then suffer a big part of the reckless with greed.

question. I realized that I set out some things in 2010, even though it was a great achievement I learned two years ago, but I also need to update it and incorporate what I’ve learned recently. Especially this year my great changes, we put the Fabulis into Fab in 2011 translator’s note: from the gay social networking site for the design of transformation products, then flash shopping site in 15 months, Fab registered users expanded to 7 million 500 thousand, with 7500 suppliers partners and 600 employees, business the scale of expansion to 1.5 billion dollars.

, find out about your company". This requires three things: you and your team are passionate about it; you and your team are sure to be the best in the world; it’s a huge market potential.

only did it. Other things distract attention. Don’t do extra projects. Don’t attend unnecessary meetings. Say no to anything that does not help you do it.

The more crazy thing about

last week, I met with potential partners in Fab in Tokyo. I was invited to participate in a discussion of the industry forum. The discussion soon referred to the 57 things. What a surprise. Two years later, thousands of kilometers away, people are still talking about these 57 things,

so, here’s my upgrade to the 57 things.

than the founder of Fab was that he wrote about 90 things he taught him in a row, sharing it with entrepreneurs. There may be so many things that the text has lost its serial number at the end. However, this does not prevent us from mastering the content.


TV online network feeds.

passed the audit of GG ad a year ago and was granted an account number. That is to say, I agree with my "part-time" identity, and from now on, I have lit and boiled oil for GG service. Although it is hard, it is also willing to do so. After half a year, my efforts, finally recognized GG spending, with a boss from California sent a note of joy shows between the lines. The boss found a loophole in the terms of a inadvertently, dunqi greed, bet on heavier weights. Ha, the boss not only did not find loopholes, also as a single hair. Another bet? Why not? The final result can be imagined, GG this boss eyes how rub sand, I can no longer work for him.

below is his blog original text, compiled by Tiger sniffing, slightly abridged:

now has a tough time at shlf1314, whose shares have plummeted and the company has begun global layoffs. Adsense full-time and part-time webmaster should remember not to offend the boss, do not try to cheat, do not try to find loopholes in the boss, do not make meaningless sacrifices. Can not have a stain, even if only once.

if you’re not doing all of the above three things, then you’re doing something wrong now.

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