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‘s father is a professor of medicine at the University and owns a pharmaceutical company. The wood can be small monasteries, which he always adhere to the cause of entrepreneurship in the field of health. However, in order to do "aunt" it, the university specializing in operations management professional firewood, but also need to "open plug" self-learning menstrual knowledge of women. When interviewed, he often mentioned some gynecological professional terminology, such as "luteal phase" referring to the time of day before menstruation after ovulation and "natural"



" aunt " founder Chai

social media allows 90’s mature time ahead of


"aunt," the basic function is that users can record their menstrual cycle, sexual life, signs and other information on the above, the application will be based on different physiological stages of the user push relevant maintenance knowledge.

in the past ten years, China’s angel investment and entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurial incubation has made great progress and achieved remarkable results in investment institutions and entrepreneurial services

today, 90’s business is getting more and more reliable,

entrepreneurship nearly four years later, "returnees" firewood can be third entrepreneurial projects "aunt", and finally achieved a "phased victory."". "Aunt," the slogan is "we know the most aunt", this line is less than a year’s menstrual cycle records applications, has accumulated 6 million 800 thousand registered users. If the popularity to consider, "aunt you" is undoubtedly the most successful segments of the App. Last year, Xu Xiaoping became "aunt?" angel investors. Recently, the "aunt" completed the A round of financing, the exact amount and valuation is unknown.

in 2003, when they were in junior high school, Internet broadband was being promoted and mobile phones were connected to the internet.

firewood, 27 years of age, male gender, menstrual cycle App" aunt " founder, was friends ridicule as "the most know" aunt "people", sent the nickname "big uncle". As women’s menstrual App entrepreneurial model, "aunt" has been thinking about how to realize the huge flow.

90, is also the present young people under the age of 25, they are passionate, and, without the burden of occupation, no worry about personal gains and losses again, the most important is that they are born with the Internet is a new generation of

the biggest technological change in the last 30 years has been the internet. The emergence and evolution of technology has created a "generation of the Internet", that is, with the Internet technology, social media growing up of the crowd, the typical crowd is 90. The popularity of the Internet in 90 percent of college students is close to 100%, and the Internet has completely penetrated into this group. Socializing is the animal instinct of 90, is their important means of communication, after 90, as if born with social gene. Through social media, college students are able to come into contact with society and build connections at lower cost and efficiency, which is an important factor in reducing start-up costs and growing faster.

"aunt" before, Chai may have done a healthy vertical community, "Friends of LOHAS" and "massage" question and answer applications, "where to press", both failed. For these two projects, Chai can be summed up this way: "life sickness is a low frequency matter after all, so the healthy community and quiz applications are not particularly urgent."." At that time, many of his friends reminded him of the problem again and again.

popularity of mobile Internet, greatly reducing the threshold of entrepreneurship.


2014 today, mobile communications upgrade 4G, iPhone, but also to upgrade to the 6 generation, the Internet thinking impact on the network inside and outside, 90 after another undergraduate or master’s degree, into the era of their own!

Sina Technology, Shen Yunfang,

in 2009, they went to college, 3G era, iPhone officially entered the mainland.

after 90, born with the new generation of Internet

"what do you need for this question and answer and massage?" "for example, a girl’s menstruation comes once a month. That’s just what she needs."." In July 2011, a friend of Chai casually said such an event. As is known to all, although menstruation is not high in female students, it is at least more frequent than illness. This careless words can be regarded as firewood, but also become the inspiration for the birth of "aunt". Two months later, Chai decided to stop the "Friends of LOHAS" and "where," these two projects, began to develop "aunt" it?".

Internet and mobile Internet two or three could never promotion according to status, launched a pioneering project, greatly enhanced the ability of individuals to participate in the economic activities. China also belongs to a network economy just early development, the opening of the mobile Internet, the evolution of a new business model, the mobile Internet has new and huge staking opportunity, which is currently the most noteworthy entrepreneurial opportunities. The competition speed of mobile Internet, need to use innovative ways to break through, to be competitive. Now the network main crowd 90 grew up with the Internet, access to wide information and news, the perception of things is very wide and diversified, which will make them very assertive and thought, the pursuit of innovation is different, their characteristics.

1994, China’s Internet business, they have just been born or kindergarten; in 1998, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, just born, Ali and sh419 yet, they read primary school.

rapid improvement of business incubation and service ecology

most understand "big aunt" man

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